sleeve awning ERHARDT BS-H

Product description
  • For places with high demands on weather resistance
  • The roll of cloth is perfectly protected all around in a sleeve. Technology and articulated arms are open and exposed to the weather.
  • Suitable for balcony and terrace..
  • Look: Technology and articulated arms are visible from below, flounce available as design front profile instead of fabric.
  • Valance as visual protection for the technology.
  • Design as double awning..
  • The sleeve awning with rain cover and protective sleeve from below.
  • The ERHARDT BS-H is identical in construction to the ERHARDT BS-D, but also has an additional lower shell, making it a sleeve awning.
  • The high-quality tilting arm bearing used in the BS-H ensures a good seal when closed.
  • The rolled up fabric enjoys full protection with the sleeve and rain cover.
  • A sleeve awning offers protection similar to that of a high-quality cassette awning. When closed, the folding arms remain visible from below on a sleeve awning.
  • The ERHARDT BS-H is also available as a double awning. You can lower the double awning vertically up to 1.60 m in order to significantly improve the shadow area.
  • In addition, the vertical awning offers very good glare protection when the sun is low.
  • Tibelly Classic fabric designs allow you to look out, but protect you from prying eyes from the outside. The vertical awning, like the main awning, can be operated via crank or radio motor drive.
  • ERHARDT BS-H »Deluxe« has a design rail instead of a fabric flounce.
ERHARDT BS L-Version: more failure than width

Our L models are designed for exceptional stability using different arm positions. The folding arms are arranged one above the other. This makes dimensions with more projection length than width possible (e.g.: 250 cm x 400 cm). Ideal for deep balconies and terraces.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 700 x 400 cm (width x depth)

Deluxe double awning: 700 x 350 cm (width x depth)

Sleeve awning: closed folding-arm awning with rain cover and lower shell profile

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour

Fabric designs : over 250 designs

  • ERHARDT Classic collection
  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection
  • Vario-Valance – Soltis fabric

Inclination angle: 5° – 40°

Special features:

  • Cassette height of 15 cm
  • Exceptionally stable (can shade large areas)
  • Vario-Valance available with remote control motor
  • Can be coupled
  • Range of versions available
  • Motor control (also with Vario-Valance)
  • Remote control (also with Vario-Valance)
  • Automatic wind and sun sensors
  • Wireless oscillation sensor
  • Awning fabric with welding adhesive technology
  • Infrared heater (including wireless level control)
  • Vario-Valance also for »Deluxe« model
  • Convenient angle adjustment with Variomatic
  • »Deluxe« version: Designer drop profile instead of fabric valance


Equipment recommendation

The double awning can be extended vertically up to 1.60 m (using a crank or remote-con-trol motor) to significantly improve the shaded area. What’s more, the vertical awning offers excellent protection against glare when the sun is low in the sky. The Soltis fabric designs give you a view towards the outside, but protect you from curious glances looking in.




The sophistication of the ERHARDT BS-H lies in its simplicity and the modular concept – the level of protection and the design can be adapted depending on the requirements.

High-quality folding arms

The folding arms, made from extruded aluminium, ensure optimum fabric tension and are equipped with a maintenance-free stainless steel fl yer chain as standard.

Vario-Valance for more protection

An optional Vario-Valance, which is operated independently of the main awning and can be extended by up to 160 cm, provides protection from low sun and prying eyes.

Assembly options

Every ERHARDT BS-H is available with wall bracket, ceiling mounting and rafter mounting options to provide a customised solution to meet the demands of every situation.

ERHARDT BS-H – with rain cover and protective profile

The ERHARDT BS-H offers complete protection for the rolled up awning fabric and the entire mechanism. With this option, only the folding arms remain visible from below when closed.

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Hülsenmarkise ERHARDT BS-H
Sleeve awning