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ERHARDT Markisenbau

Sun protection expert with many years of experience and specialist knowledge

Enjoy hours on your terrace from spring to late autumn, whether in sun, wind or rain. The ERHARDT awning and the ERHARDT terrace roof blend harmoniously into the overall look of each house type. We are professionals and can draw on almost 40 years of experience and our expertise in the area of sun protection and terrace roofs. We are happy to share our knowledge and care tips concerning our products with you.

The ERHARDT brand awnings and terrace roofs are characterised by their durability and robustness. The ERHARDT products are developed in Germany by professionals and are mounted by specialists. In addition, the awnings for use in outdoor areas comply with the standard DIN EN 13561 for awnings and the products are CE-certified. As a result, the sun protection products meet the current technical requirements in terms of design and mounting brackets.

With our professional advice and our first-class products, we can achieve your individual sun protection on your terrace or balcony. Our many years of experience, combined with your preferences and demands, guarantee the perfect solution for a long time to come.

We are currently providing you with tips and information about awnings and terrace roofs in English. You can already find care tips on the German website.


If you have any questions regarding our products or care and maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.