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ERHARDT awning fabrics

elegant, modern & robust

The fabric is one of the most important and striking parts of an awning. As well as protecting you from dangerous and annoying sunrays, a well-chosen fabric will attract admiring glances. By choosing the colour and design of the fabric, the awning fabric adds your own special touch to your terrace or balcony. In addition to a varied colour scheme, the combination of sunlight and awning fabric also creates a special lighting mood and thus your own special terrace ambience.

Let your imagination run wild and select your ERHARDT sun protection with an awning fabric of your choice. With our various fabric collections, we offer a wide range of fabrics that can be perfectly customised, in terms of colour, design and quality, to your needs and the requirements of our different shading systems.


Here you will quickly find the right awning fabric for you.


ERHARDT Classic collection

Elegant designs
in acrylic quality

ERHARDT Classic collection – acrylic awning fabrics

The ERHARDT Classic collection offers a wonderful selection of different designs. The diverse striped patterns allow you to customise your outdoor areas. The polyacrylic collection includes 6 colour palettes with a wide variety of colour combinations within the designs as well as mono-coloured fabrics. Get inspired and allow yourself to be enchanted by the colours. The various striped patterns create a wide range of different effects. Either classic, extravagant, modern, understated or simply mono – take advantage of the possibilities for individualized creative freedom.

ERHARDT Ambiente collection

Modern colour variations
and variety of shapes

ERHARDT Ambiente collection – polyester awning fabrics

The new ERHARDT awning fabric collection – ERHARDT Ambiente – enables the awning to regain centre stage due to its modern colour variations and striped designs. This collection is impressive with its exceptional selection of fabrics. You will definitely find the right awning fabric for your new awning. The ERHARDT Ambiente collection combines different styles ranging from timeless via stylish to elegant. The colourful collection consists of 10 colour palettes and is impressive with its intense colour schemes.

The excellent elasticity of the fabric and its extremely low moisture absorption are only some of the characteristics of the ERHARDT Ambiente collection. The fabrics are given a silky sheen by combining state-of-the-art materials, colour pigments and UV absorbers. Enjoy the day under your new awning from the ERHARDT Ambiente collection.

ERHARDT Screen collection

Special atmosphere and
protection from prying eyes

ERHARDT Screen collection – fibreglass and polyester awning fabrics

The Screen collection is woven from fibreglass and polyester threads. As a result, the awning fabric has an open structure which, on the one hand, prevents harsh sunlight and, on the other hand, prevents overheating of the room. The fabric permits a view of the outside world, but prevents anyone outside from looking in.

Collection SOLTIS 86 + 92

Dimensionally stable with
perfect sun and wind protection

SOLTIS collection – polyester awning fabrics

The Soltis collection consists of a highly tear-resistant polyester thread with PVC coating. The micro ventilation ensures glare and sun protection while still permitting a view of the outside world. The scrim blocks up to 97% of the heat via the patented Precontraint technology. The collection is impressive with its mechanical strength and top layer that is extremely easy to clean.

Valance and right binding

Give a particularly
individual character

Volantformen und Einfassbänder für Ihr Markisentuch

Experience the different valance forms for your awning
A valance is the short fabric edging attached to the drop profile. It is typically used in open folding-arm awnings and serves mainly to conceal the technology. However, the valance can also be used as an active design element for awnings. Even with some cassette awnings, a volant can be attached if desired. The fabric valance should be tailored in terms of colour to the building facade or the immediate environment. The fabric valance is always visible, even in winter.