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A valance is the short fabric edging attached to the drop profile. It is typically used in open folding-arm awnings and serves mainly to conceal the technology. However, the valance can also be used as an active design element for awnings. Even with some cassette awnings, a volant can be attached if desired. The fabric valance should be tailored in terms of colour to the building facade or the immediate environment. The fabric valance is always visible, even in winter.


Here you will quickly find the right awning fabric for you.


Valance styles

Combine your awning
with the right valance

Open folding-arm awnings are very familiar and easily recognisable by their fabric valance. This is the short fabric edging attached to the drop profile, which is also recognisable in a closed state. The valance determines the character of the awning for open folding-arm awnings in particular. Depending on the effect and style you want to create, you can choose from five different valances and over 250 fabric designs. Incidentally, the fabric valance can also be combined with a fabric other than the awning fabric. Thus you can combine a striped awning fabric with a monochrome valance. However, both fabrics should be from the same fabric collection.

In its retracted state, an awning with a white valance can visually merge almost completely with the building facade. However, the valance can also be used to emphasise fabulous colour and architectural features. Be inspired. For some of our other awnings (e.g. the cassette awning ERHARDT SD), no fabric valance is actually provided, but it can be integrated on request. For our new ERHARDT BS system, all models can be selected either with a fabric valance or as a deluxe model with a design rail instead of the fabric valance. The design rail appeals primarily to modern tastes and to customers who want a constant optical quality for decades. The design rail is available in the respective frame colour.

Right binding

The right binding
for your awning valance

ERHARDT offers different bindings for awning valances. The binding encloses the ends of the awning fabric and ensures a neat finish. We provide the right binding fabric for every awning design. The following colours can be found in our binding palette.

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