Vertical awning

Vertical privacy and sun
protection very modern


  • For facades (e.g. glass facades or windows), pergola awnings, terrace roofs or conservatories
  • The vertical awnings can be operated either manually or via sensors
  • Operation is usually by radio motor and radio remote control
  • Optimum protection for interiors against overheating and dazzling sunlight
  • Protection from prying eyes
  • Visual upgrading of the house facade – perfect for facade design or facade renovation
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SHSenkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z
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Vertical privacy and sun protection very modern

The vertical awning stands out through its slim design and elegant stainless steel guide system. The vertical awning featuring a sleek cassette and state-of-the-art technology offers perfect visual and sun protection for glass facades and terrace roofs, and the small, discreet cassette made from extruded aluminium protects the awning fabric from wind and weather when retracted.

Types - Vertical awning
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z
vertical awning ERHARDT Z
- Maximum dimensions: 600 x 260 cm (width x projection length)
- Guide rails with ZIP technology
- with motor as standard
- round or square cassette design
- Box size 105 or 125
- special wind stability
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Window awning

Professional shading –
for windows and glass facades


  • For facades and big areas
  • Installation on the facade or directly on the window
  • Protects the interior from overheating
  • Operation by motor, radio control or crank drive
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Professional shading -for windows and glass facades

With the ERHARDT window and facade awnings, windows and glass surfaces of varying sizes can be shaded professionally and comfortably. A window awning is mounted directly on the facade or window and can be raised and lowered either manually or via sensors. The awning is usually operated via a remote-controlled motor and a remote control. In addition to protecting the interior from overheating and annoying sun rays, window awnings are also used for the visual enhancement and design of the house facade and give the property its own unique charm. An awning fabric made of Soltis fabric enables a clear outward view, but protects against prying eyes looking inward.

Types - Window awning
window awning ERHARDT FOK
- Maximum dimensions: 550 x 175 cm (width x drop)
- Window awning without box
- Drop arm guide
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vertical awning with cable guide
- Maximum size: 300 x 260 cm / 400 x 200 cm (width x projection)
- Window awning with round cassette
- Stainless steel cable guide
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vertical awning with guide rail
- Maximum size: 300 x 300 cm / 400 x 220 cm (width x projection)
- Window awning with round cassette
- Rail guide
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