Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z

vertical awning ERHARDT Z

with hidden zipper system

Product description

For ERHARDT Z series vertical awnings, the fabric is guided in a special, unobtrusive rail system by means of a welded-on zipper system which avoids an annoying light gap between the awning fabric and the guide rail and creates a neat, uniform appearance. This technology also significantly improves wind stability (with facade mounting, up to wind force 6), and is ideal against draughts or in windy weather. The ERHARDT Z window awning has many possible applications, not only for facades, but also in combination with the ERHARDT T100, T150 and TINTEGRAL terrace roofs.

Through optimal protection from the sun and from curious glances, the ERHARDT Z creates a pleasant atmosphere on terraces and in living spaces using a broad selection of fabrics from the ERHARDT Tibelly collection in fibreglass Screen qualities.

Field of application

Solution for facades:

  • Window and door elements
  • Vertical glass surfaces/ facades

Can be combined with:

  • Terrace roofs (also lateral)
  • balconies
  • pergolas
  • conservatories
ERHARDT Z models

Maximum dimensions: see model features

Vertical awning: with guide rail

Frame colour: White(RAL 9016), Grey aluminium structured (RAL 9007 finely structured), Anthracite (DB 703)

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour.

Fabric designs:

  • Collection Tibelly Screen (glass fibre)

Special features:

  • Concealed zipper system
  • Exceptional wind stability
  • Larger system dimensions
  • Row mounting possible
Features ERHARDT Z-R90 SH

Maximum dimensions: 600 x 240 cm (width x projection)

box height: 90 mm

execution: round cassette design

Features ERHARDT Z-E105 | Z-R105

Maximum dimensions:

  • Z-E105 600 x 240 cm (width x projection)
  • Z-R105 300 x 300 cm (width x projection) and 400 x 220 cm (width x projection)

box height: 105 mm

execution: round and rectangular cassette design

Features ERHARDT Z-E125 | Z-R125

Maximum dimensions(E-E125 and Z-R125): 500 x 300 cm (width x projection)

box height: 125 mm

execution: round and rectangular cassette design

  • remote control
  • automatic wind control
  • sun automation




Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z - Zip-Technik


For ERHARDT vertical zip awnings, the fabric is guided via a welded-on zipper and runs in a special insert in the guide rail. This type of guide provides significantly improved wind stability of up to wind resistance class 3 according to EN 13561. This corresponds to a wind force of 6 (up to 13 m/s).
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z - Kastenformen

Various housing designs

The retracted awning fabric enjoys complete protection from weather influences in the small, visually discreet cassettes made from an extruded aluminium profile. A meticulous powder coating applied to all aluminium profiles and small parts makes the surfaces extremely durable and resistant to weathering. (see table overleaf)

Motor control for added convenience

The ERHARDT Z awnings are equipped with a motor as standard. For increased ease of use, it can be optionally equipped as a remote-controlled drive with a remote control. The ERHARDT PV module, which allows the vertical awning to function completely independently in any installation situation, is new.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z

Concealed end bar

When retracted, the vertical awning is invisible. For the Z105 and Z125 models, the end bar can be fully retracted into the cassette and no obtrusive profiles can be seen.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z - Patentierte Technik

Patented technology

The Z-R90 SH model features patented technology for rolling and unrolling the fabric without any folding. A swivel lever ensures the fabric moves into exactly the right position while rolling and unrolling, making the fabric extremely smooth when extended and avoiding large folds to give you effective wind and sun protection.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z - Made in Germany

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau awnings are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z

Perfectly suited for window shading

The slim design and sleek stainless steel cables make the awning perfect for window installation and shading. With the appropriate Soltis fabric, it helps you create a pleasant atmosphere, e.g. for a workspace.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH
Vertical awning
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z
Vertical awning


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