ERHARDT Markisenbau

the specialist around sun protection and terrace roofing

At ERHARDT Markisen, you will find the right sun protection for different areas of use, whether a terrace, garden or balcony is involved. ERHARDT stands for professional customised solutions that not only improve your quality of life, but also create a completely new feeling of well-being under your awning or terrace roof.

Everything begins in 1980 – Robert Erhardt founds the company ERHARDT Markisenbau in his garage at home. At its headquarters in Burtenbach, Bavaria, around 250 employees manufacture a wide range of products for sun protection, patio roofing and outdoor living. The individual components of the awnings and terrace roofs are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest standards.

Long-standing recipe for success

awnings and terrace roof expertise

For more than 35 years, ERHARDT Markisen has delighted customers with innovation and the lightness, ease of use and vibrancy of our sun protection products. As a terrace roof and awning manufacturer for many years, we are experts in the planning and design of awnings and glass roofing. We are continuously expanding our existing product range by adding innovative products. There is more focus today than ever before on the design and functionality of an awning or a terrace roof. We use new designs and trendy awning fabrics to give your terrace that certain something. This is because an awning is not just a sun protection system, but also an element that integrates perfectly into your home environment.


Since 2018, we have also been supplying the outdoor living sector with the new QUBE products. The QUBE Arc, Center and Line have a folding roof that can be extended and retracted. The three products differ in terms of their mounting options. Conversely, the QUBE Lamella is a slat roof with movable slats. All QUBE products can be used individually and can be either free-standing in the garden or mounted on the building facade as an alternative to terrace roofing. The new future-oriented business division already sparked enormous enthusiasm at ERHARDT Roadshow 2018.

Innovation and quality

meet tradition

ERHARDT Markisenbau is noted for its innovative, high-quality products. These factors form the basis of all activities within the company and determine its future-oriented corporate strategy. Thus every corporate decision is not only viewed from an economic perspective, but also includes the intention to act in an environmentally responsible, correct and reasonable manner.


The customer who is interested in an awning or a terrace roof is at the heart of our business world. As an innovation leader, we not only want to support the customer in a trend-setting manner, but also in the long term. Our customers benefit from the highest technical expertise and the best quality. Our products are extensively tested and inspected at the production facility in Burtenbach before delivery. Our customers’ reliance on our products obliges us to conduct constant inspections in accordance with European standards in order to guarantee the high durability of all sun protection products.

Branded products

with many years of

Made in Germany – this applies to all of our awnings, terrace roofs and vertical glazing. We are one of the few manufacturers in Germany who still produces the folding arms of our awnings ourselves.

We know the loads which individual components have to bear during the service life of an awning. Whether folding arms, arm bearings, side bearings or awning brackets: we determine the quality. We have intimate knowledge of every part that goes into our products. This is the only way we can provide our customers with good service and delight them with our branded products for decades.

Our awning fabrics are subjected to rigorous testing both in the weaving mill and in our in-house sewing shop. The range of fabrics includes over 300 different fabric designs from 7 different collections. We guarantee high-quality craftsmanship with our development of adhesive welding technology in fabric production. All products are tested in-house according to the European awning standard and bear the CE mark. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience, especially in terms of planning and design. Our customer-oriented service and the use of state-of-the-art logistics technology guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. We focus on good communication with our dealers in order to be able to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. For this purpose, we offer our specialist partners informative seminars and training courses in our company every year.

Share the enthusiasm for our products and enjoy wonderful fabric designs, timelessly elegant awnings and innovative terrace roofs.

Reliable partnership

of equals

Customer satisfaction is given top priority at ERHARDT Markisen. Particular attention is thus paid to the close business relationship based on trust which we enjoy with our specialist partners and fitters. Our competent partners assist end customers from their request for a sun protection system to its mounting in their own home. We support our specialist partners by providing first-class shading systems and terrace roofing. Good communication, trust, reliability and flexibility are also the cornerstones of our long-standing, successful collaboration. Together with our specialist partners and fitters, we achieve the highest level of service and thus long-term satisfaction. ERHARDT Markisenbau is only successful if our specialist partners are also successful.

An ERHARDT specialist partner is also at your disposal in your area. You can experience actual ERHARDT products on site in the showrooms of specialist partners. Take the opportunity to find your awnings or terrace roofing while also obtaining expert advice.

Find a dealer in your region using our dealer search feature. Expand your living space with ERHARDT products and create your personal wellness oasis.