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ERHARDT Markisenbau GmbH

Welcome to the ERHARDT Markisenbau GmbH. We entity privacy seriously and we have set out our Privacy Statement below to keep you up-to-date on what information we gather about you and how we use that information.  This Privacy Statement may be updated, so please check back from time to time for any updates.  By using our site, you agree to the terms set out in this Privacy Statement and to our use of cookies as described below. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use the site.



Gathering information

Depending on how you use our site, we may gather and store different types of information about you.  We collect personal information through the site such as your name and email address when you submit it to us for certain products and services. If you access our website from a mobile or other device, we may collect a unique device identifier contained in that device. This information allows us to display or format relevant content and services for that device.


Visitors to the site

If you are browsing our site, we may gather anonymous information about where you are and how you navigate and use our site.  We will use this information to improve the functioning and user-friendliness of the site and so that we can keep track of traffic on the site.


Contact us

If you visit the “Contact Us” section of our site and fill in the information requested in the “How can we help you section” we will use your information to deal with your queries and to respond to you. We may store the information you provide for future reference in order to assess how well we provide our service to you and others on an on-going basis. If you write to, call or email us, we will use your details to respond to you and will keep a record of your correspondence with us.


Sharing information

We may share your information with other Stella.Group entities in order to provide information and services you request from us and in order to improve our services.

We will not share your information with third parties without your consent, unless required by law or governmental authority.



We are committed to keeping your information safe and secure and we employ appropriate technical and organisational security measures to prevent loss of or unauthorised access.


Requests related to your Personal Information

You can contact us any time to find out what information we hold about you or to request a copy. If you require us to delete your personal data, you should notify us. If you feel that our information is inaccurate or incorrect, we will be happy to correct it. If you wish to request any of the above or if you have a question regarding our use of your personal information, you should contact :

Oliver Kunert / Sunny Systems GmbH
Telefon: +49 (0) 8285 8990


Cookies Statement

The Erhardt Markisen website uses cookies. Cookies are text files placed and stored on a computer system by a web browser.


Numerous websites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain what is known as a cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier for that cookie. It comprises a character sequence by means of which web pages and servers can be attributed to the specific web browser in which the cookie was stored. This enables the web pages and servers visited to distinguish the individual browser of the data subject from other web browsers containing other cookies. A specific web browser can be recognized and identified via the unique cookie ID.


By using cookies, Erhardt Markisen can provide users of this website with technically error-free, optimized and more user-friendly services, which would not be possible without setting cookies.


By using a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimized in the interests of the user. Cookies allow us, as mentioned above, to recognize the users of our website. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to use our website. The user of an website that employs cookies is not required, for example, to enter their access data every time they visit the site, because this is handled by the website and the cookie stored on the user’s computer system.
Further detailed information on the use of cookies in the analysis tools and advertising are covered separately elsewhere in this Privacy Statement.


The data subject may prevent the setting of cookies by our website at any time, using the corresponding setting in the web browser used, thereby permanently refusing the setting of cookies. In addition, cookies that have already been set can be deleted at any time via an web browser or other software programs. This is possible in all current web browsers. Where the data subject disables the setting of cookies in the web browser used, then in some circumstances not all functions of our website can be used to their full extent.


On the basis of point (f) of Article 6 (1) GDPR, cookies that are necessary to carry out the electronic communications operation or to provide certain functions desired by the data subject are stored. For technically error-free and optimised provision
of its services, the website operator has a legitimate interest in the storing of cookies. Insofar as other cookies – e.g. cookies in analysis tools or advertising – are stored, these are dealt with separately in this Privacy Statement.


This website uses the following types of cookies, the scope and function of which are explained below:

  • Transient cookies (session cookies)
    On our website we use so-called session cookies (also called temporary or transient cookies). These cookies are stored only for the duration of your use of our website. At the end of each session the session cookies are deleted.These cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper function of our website and cannot be technically deactivated. In general, these cookies are only set in response to actions you actively perform in response to a service request, such as determining your privacy preferences, logging in, or filling out forms. You can set your browser to block these cookies directly or to inform you about these cookies. However, some areas of the website may not function in this case.The use of these session cookies is based on Art. 6 (1), point (f) GDPR. Without the use of these cookies, it is technically impossible for you to access and use the website.


  • Persistent cookies
    We also use other cookies on our website which enable us to recognise your Internet browser on your next visit and offer you an improved user experience.These cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period of time, which can vary depending on the cookie. The cookies remain stored on your terminal device until the validity period of the cookies has expired or you delete them.


On our website we use the following types for the following purposes:

  • Essential
    Technically required cookies are those that are necessary for the smooth functioning of our website (legal basis: Art. 6 (1) points (B) and (f) GDPR).


  • External Media
    The content of social networks and social media platforms is blocked by default. If you accept external media cookies, access to this website no longer requires manual approval.


  • Analysis
    These cookies collect statistical data on the use of our website. The purpose of collecting statistical data by means of these analysis cookies is mainly to optimise our security, performance, usability and content after an analysis. Legal basis is Art. 6 (1) point (a) GDPR. This may include cookies used by the providers of the tracking and analysis tools we use. For more information about third-party cookies, see the information about tracking and analysis tools and other functionality that uses third-party cookies.


On our website the following cookies are in use:



Cookie Name Provider Function Type Validity
_fbp Facebook Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers. External Media 13 months
_gat_UA-57562997-1 Google Is used by Google Analytics to limit the request rate. Analysis 1 min.
_ga Google Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. Analysis 2 years
_gid Google Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. Analysis 1 day
borlabs-cookie Erhardt Markisen Used to keep track of your consent so that the short information notes about cookies are not shown again in the following pages or at your second visit. Essential 1 year
PHPSESSID Erhardt Markisen Retains the state of the user on all page requests. Essential End of sessions
swpm_session Erhardt Markisen Retains the state of the user on all page requests. Essential End of sessions




This is how you can delete your cookies:

You decide yourself how and whether you want to use cookies. Regardless of the provider or website from which the cookies originate, you always have the option of deleting cookies, allowing them only partially or deactivating them. For example, you may not agree to third-party cookies, but you can allow all other cookies.

If you want to see which cookies have been stored in your Internet browser, or if you want to change or delete cookie settings, you can find this in your browser settings:


Chrome: Delete, activate and manage cookies in Chrome
Safari: Manage cookies and website data with Safari
Firefox: Delete cookies to remove data that websites have stored on your computer
Internet Explorer: Delete and manage cookies
Microsoft Edge: Delete and manage cookies


If you do not wish to have cookies set as a matter of principle, you can configure your browser so that it always informs you when a cookie is to be set. This allows you to decide for each individual cookie whether or not you accept it. The procedure varies depending on the browser.

The best thing to do is to search the instructions in Google using the search term “Delete Chrome cookies” or “Disable Chrome cookies” in the case of a Chrome browser, or replace the word “Chrome” with the name of your browser, e.g. Edge, Firefox, Safari.




Data protection regulations for the application and use of Matomo
Our Website uses Matomo. It is an open-source software in order to record and analyze the use of our website. Usage information is transmitted to our self-hosted server and stored for analysis purposes. The software is self-hosted, the log files, which are sensitive to data protection law, are only saved on this server. We use Matomo with the “Automatically Anonymize Visitor IPs” function. This anonymization function truncates your IP address by two bytes so that it is impossible to assign it to you or to the internet connection you are using.


Matomo is operated by InnoCraft Ltd., 150 Willis St., 6011 Wellington, New Zealand.


If you do not agree to this processing your are able to object at any time by clicking the button below. In this case, a so-called opt-out cookie is stored in your browser without usage data, which means that Matomo does not collect any session data:

Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von zu laden.

Inhalt laden

Further information and Matomo’s applicable data protection regulations can be found at


Section 26 (1) of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and point (f) of Article 6 (1) subparagraph (1) GDPR are the legal basis for the data processing. The controller for processing has a legitimate interest in the defence of claims of liability under the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG).


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a solution with which we can manage so-called website tags via an interface (and thus integrate Google Analytics into our online offer, for example). The Tag Manager itself (which implements the tags) does not set cookies and does not process any personal user data. With regard to the processing of users’ personal data, reference is made to the following information about Google services. Usage guidelines:



Data protection provisions regarding the use and application of Google Analytics (with anonymisation function)

The controller for processing has integrated the component Google Analytics (with anonymisation function) on this website. Google Analytics is a web analysis service. Web analysis is the gathering, collection and evaluation of data about the behaviour of visitors to web pages. Amongst other things, a web analysis service records data concerning from which website a data subject has arrived to an website (known as the referrer), which subsites of the website are accessed, or how often and for what dwell period a subsite was viewed. A web analysis is mainly used to optimise an website and for cost-benefit analysis of internet advertising.


The operating company of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA.


The controller for processing uses the suffix “_gat._anonymizeIp” for the web analysis via Google Analytics. Using this suffix, the IP address of the internet connection of the data subject is shortened and anonymised by Google of the access to our web pages is made from a Member State of the European Union or from another signatory state to the EEA Agreement.


The purpose of the Google Analytics component is to analyse visitor traffic on our website. Google uses the data and information obtained, inter alia, to evaluate the use of our website, in order to prepare online reports for us showing activities on our web pages, and in order to provide further services connected with the use of our website.


Google Analytics places a cookie on the IT system of the data subject. The explanation of cookies was given above. By setting the cookie, Google is enabled to analyse use of our website. With each call-up of one of the individual pages of this website operated by the controller for processing and on which a Google Analytics component was integrated, the web browser on the IT system of the data subject is automatically triggered by the respective Google Analytics component to transfer data to Google for the purposes of online analysis. As part of this technical procedure, Google obtains knowledge of personal data, such as the IP address of the data subject, that assists Google amongst other things to understand the origin of the visitors and clicks and subsequently to enable commission settlements.


The cookie stores personal data such as the time of access, the location from which an access was initiated and the frequency of visits to our website by the data subject. With each visit to our web pages, these personal data – including the IP address of the internet connection used by the data subject – are transferred to Google in the United States of America. These personal data are stored by Google in the United States of America. Google may forward these personal data gathered using the technical procedure to third parties under certain circumstances.


The data subject may prevent the setting of cookies by our website, as outlined above, at any time by making the corresponding setting in the web browser used, thereby permanently refusing the setting of cookies. Such a setting on the web browser used would also prevent Google from setting a cookie on the IT system of the data subject. In addition, a cookie already set by Google Analytics can be erased at any time via the web browser or other software programs.


Moreover, the data subject has the opportunity to object to recording of the data produced by Google Analytics relating to use of this website and the processing of these data by Google and to prevent same. To that end, the data subject must download a browser add-on from the link and install it. This browser add-on informs Google Analytics via JavaScript that no data and information on the visits to web pages are permitted to be transferred to Google Analytics. Installation of the browser add-on is evaluated by Google as an objection. If the IT system of the data subject is deleted, formatted or reinstalled at a later time, a fresh installation of the browser add-on must be performed by the data subject in order to disable Google Analytics. Where the browser add-on is uninstalled or disabled by the data subject or another person attributable to their sphere of influence, the possibility exists of re-installing or else enabling the browser add-on again. As an alternative to the browser add-on, the data subject can prevent recording by Google Analytics by clicking on the following link: Disable Google Analytics. Doing so sets an opt-out cookie that prevents the future recording of data from the data subject when visiting this website. The opt-out cookie is stored on the device of the data subject, and applies only for this browser and this website. When deleting the cookies in this browser, the opt-out cookie must be set again.


Further information and Google’s applicable privacy arrangements can be downloaded from and from Google Analytics is explained in greater detail at this link


Point (f) of Article 6 (1) subparagraph (1) GDPR and section 15 (3) TMG are the legal basis in this case
for the data processing. The controller for processing has a legitimate interest in the statistical evaluation of use of the website in order to optimise the site.


The IP address and other personal data are automatically erased in Google Analytics after 26 months.

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