Accessories for awnings,

louvre roofs and patio roofs

Our wide range of accessories enables us to realise many of our customers’ requirements. In order to give you a quick impression, only the most important accessories are listed here. Especially with respect to the wireless transmitters, there are a variety of models and additional wall switches, or modules that make the operation extremely easy, mobile and convenient.

The following accessories are available for the awnings and terrace roofs:

Our accessories programme includes a very large number of products. Depending on the type of shading, patio roof or customer requirements, a customised and professional solution is required.

ERHARDT automatic wind and sun control

Elektrische Markise mit Wind- und SonnenautomatikElektrische Markise mit Wind- und Sonnenautomatik

This wired combined sensor ensures optimal wind and sun protection. The wireless sensor is attached to the outside of your awning. The wind wheel and the light sensor react to the current wind and sunshine. If the set threshold for wind is exceeded, the awning is retracted for protection purposes (the wind sensor is dominant in the event of strong winds and sunshine). The wind and sun sensor is an absolute must for conservatory awnings.

First of all, this sensor is divided into 3 categories. The wireless wind sensor is the simplest model, whereby the awning is controlled only on the basis of wind speed. The sun and wind sensor, on the other hand, also includes the sun intensity in the data analysis. The final model combines wind speed and sun intensity data with a rain sensor. This can either be added retrospectively as an independent sensor or can be already attached to the awning in one model, rain, sun and wind sensor as an entire package. The wireless sensors are compatible with drives for awnings, vertical awnings and blinds as well as with external wireless receivers.

ERHARDT oscillation sensor

Elektrische Markise mit dem ERHARDT Schwingungssensor

This battery-powered oscillation sensor, also known as a wind sensor, is attached to the awning. The sensor measures the awning oscillations that occur due to strong wind or wind gusts. If the specified threshold is exceeded, the transmitter sends a signal to the wireless motor to retract the awning. Your awning thus remains optimally protected. The oscillation sensor is especially recommended for large awnings and double awnings.

The oscillation sensor is a wireless and autonomous, three-dimensional motion sensor. Thus reliable protection of the awning is ensured by the electronic analysis of wind loads in three directions, also called the 3D effect. This sensor is attached to the drop profile and continuously measures the oscillation of the awning in the event of wind. As soon as a certain limit is exceeded and the wind shakes the awning with a certain strength, it is retracted.

The oscillation sensor was developed solely for use in conjunction with folding arm and terrace awnings with a box or cassette. The sensor is available with io or RTS technologies.

ERHARDT wireless transmitter

Control your awning easily using a wireless hand transmitter. These systems simplify control – the mediocre extending of an awning via a crank handle is now a thing of the past. The awning is extended and retracted via wireless signals at the touch of a button. The individual radio remote controls differ in their design – 1-channel or 4-channel – or by the wireless technology. ERHARDT offers RTS and io wireless controls.

The operation of the wireless hand transmitter refers to the raising, lowering and stopping of the awning or roller shutter. The switching on and off of the lighting is also controlled. Program your favorite position for the perfect shading of your terrace or conservatory. The “my” button enables the optimal, desired shading position of your awning to be saved and retrieved at any time at the touch of a button. Set your optimal shading. In addition, the wireless handheld transmitter can be used to control lighting rails and heating elements. Discover the variety and different designs of the controls and choose your favourites.


Enjoy the atmosphere under your awning even at dusk. An optional lighting rail illuminates your terrace and provides pleasant light. A lighting rail is already integrated into the Q, KD and K awnings. You also have the option of equipping your terrace roof with lighting elements.

The lighting rail can be mounted either on the wall, on the awning cassette – regardless of the type of awning – or on any position of your terrace roof. Several rails can also be mounted on large terrace roofs. The lighting rail creates a warm light and thus provides a pleasant evening atmosphere. The lighting is uniform and also suitable for larger areas. The lighting rail is equipped with LED strips in the standard version. Control the dimming levels of the lighting rails conveniently and individually with a hand transmitter.

The LED lighting elements can only be purchased in combination with an ERHARDT terrace roof. The LED lights are integrated barely visibly into the bottom groove of the spar in the aluminium beams of the terrace roof and enable a perfect, uniform illumination of the terrace. It is possible to retrofit the LED module to existing terrace roofs. The LED lights can be dimmed and are extremely durable. The dimability, as well as the switching off and on, can be regulated with a wireless handheld transmitter.

ERHARDT heating element

Create your feel-good ambience under your terrace roof. Although an ambience can be created with many elements – by selecting furniture, lighting and plants – a pleasant atmospheric environment primarily influences the main feel-good factor. The ERHARDT heating elements provide optimum heat with the different heat levels.

Sitting on your own terrace or balcony on colder evenings is no longer a problem with an infrared heating element. The heating element generates a pleasant heat within a very short time. The modern, sleek and clear design of the spot offers an efficient heating solution, especially for temporarily heated, semi-open spaces or covered, wind-sheltered outdoor areas.

Enjoy your conservatory or terrace roof together with your family even in cooler weather. The aim is to create a pleasant ambience with a feel-good atmosphere for you and your family. The subtle light is supported by an upstream glass ceramic windscreen, and is thus filtered and dimmed. The infrared heating element reaches its operating temperature after a maximum of 30 seconds and thus ensures the rapid temporary heating of the room and ambient air.