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Our many years of experience as an awning manufacturer combined with state-of-the-art technology and designs enable us to guarantee the highest level of comfort and pleasant shade.

However, we are now bringing our ERHARDT awnings directly to you – test the new mARkon® app from ERHARDT Markisen. Experience your new awning live directly on your terrace. Visualise your desired awning with suitable awning fabric in your own home and in your actual environment.

The awnings can thus be experienced and permit a detailed 360° view as well as the live extension and retraction of the vario valance. There are a variety of configuration options available and over 300 designs that can be experienced live. The app is currently available on the App Store and will soon be available also on Google Play.

Take advantage of the 3D product visualisation and display ERHARDT awnings in vivid reality in situ. As a dealer, the mARkon® app from ERHARDT gives you the opportunity to showcase our awnings virtually in a real environment when visiting your customers, so that you can help them select, configure and display the awning that suits them. Adjustments to the awning fabrics or frame colours can be made and visualised in a matter of seconds, for instance, and you can select the exact size and colour you want for your Erhardt product and try out as many different combinations as you like.

One key feature of the app is simulation of shade under the awning, which uses the sun path to display the shadow cast by the awning to exact dates and times. Customers can adjust the width and length of the awning themselves in order to create an awning which gives them flexible, customised shading when they need it most in the summer. Whether morning, noon or evening, they can while away those long summer days in the shade of their awning.

The mARkon® App from Erhardt is the innovative, forward-thinking way to make your sales pitches. Take the opportunity to visualise the awning of your customer’s dreams in situ at their home – we look forward to your feedback.

Advantages mARkon® APP:

  •  3D product visualisation in a real environment
  • Awnings you can experience – detailed views from below and the side as they extend and retract in real time
  • Wide range of configurations available
  • Experience over 300 designs for yourself
  • See awning configurations as they will look on your house


Download now for free:

Experience the mARkon® App

3D product visualization
on your iPad or iPhone

Step by step to the finished awning

1. Selection of the type of awning

2. Position your awning

3. Selection of width, projection and inclination angle

4. Selection of awning fabric

5. Selection of frame colour

6. Shadow simulation

7. Save, request a quote or share

8. Request for a price at once



How to configure my awning with the mARkon APP
How to use the APP, step-by-step instructions