side awning ERHARDT WSW

Product description
  • The ERHARDT WSW is a side screen awning with a free choice of height (up to max. fabric height of 1.80 m). That makes it an ideal solution for when the sun is low, the wind is uncomfortable or curious glances are unwelcome.
  • The side screen awning offers ideal privacy protection on balconies, patios and terraces.
  • The simplest of operation – the awning fabric can be extended or retracted quickly and easily with a single motion.
Elements for your side awning
  • A variety of mast brackets and grips are available for the ERHARDT WSW.
  • The mast can also be secured flexibly to the side awnings so that it can be removed completely in winter.
    Existing structural elements, such as pillars, walls, or robust fence components, can also be used for the ERHARDT WSW.
  • The side awning can be extended to a maximum length of 4 m, but it is also an elegant solution in tight spaces (e.g. on a balcony).
  • Its tested and proven spring tensioning makes the ERHARDT WSW suitable for use in stronger winds as well.
  • The side screen awning can be mounted nearly anywhere because a single wall can serve as the attachment point.
  • The brackets which are available also require little space and are very unobtrusive and flexible in use.
Technical details

Maximum width (Tuch):

  • fabric measure 120 x 400 cm seamless fabric; cassette height 130 cm
  • fabric measure 177 x 350 cm welding fabric; cassette height 190 cm

Cassette design: 10×12 cm, height: 130 or 190 cm


  • Cassette with wall holder
  • Pull-out bar with handle holder
  • Pull-out bar with mast (optional)

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Requested colours? Any RAL colour possible.

Fabric designs: over 250 designs

  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • ERHARDT Classic collection (acrylic)
  • ERHARDT Screen collection (up to 300 cm possible)
  • Soltis 86 and 92 (up to 300 cm possible)

Special features:

  • Unremarkable cassette design 10 x 12 cm
  • Fabric can dropped in (e.g. in the winter)
  • Flexible maintenance option
  • Very strong (such as high winds)
  • Holders and handles are available in any options


Seitenmarkise ERHARDT WSW
Side awning
Side awning ERHARDT WSW