Open folding arm awning ERHARDT S

for your perfect outdoor space

Product description

The Erhardt S gives you ideal sun protection in a protected areas – so it should be mounted underneath a balcony or roof overhang, for example, in order to protect the fabric and the mechanism from wind and weather. With a timeless, elegant design, the Erhardt S allows you to customise your awning from a variety of options to create the perfect spot on your terrace.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 600 x 300 cm (width x projection length)

Open folding arm awning: The fabric and mechanism are open and a rain cover for weather protection is an Option

Frame colour: White (RAL 9016), Grey aluminium structured (RAL 9007 finely structured)

Fabric designs:

  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • ERHARDT Classic collection (acrylic)
  • Awning fabric optionally available with welding adhesive technology

Inclination angle:

  • 5° – 45°
  • 7° – 55° (with Variomatic)

Special features:

  • With valance as standard (various valance forms to choose from)
  • Very slim drop profile
  • Two coupling alternatives
  • Variomatic drive (inclination adjustment)
  • Motor (optionally available with wireless remote control)
  • Automatic wind and sun control
  • Wireless oscillation sensor
  • Lighting with lighting rail (optionally dimmable)
  • Infrared heater (including wireless level control)
  • Variomatic drive
  • Rain cover




Open design

With its new, open and contemporary design, the ERHARDT S adds unmistakeable pep and style to your balcony or terrace. The awning is elegant and inconspicuous in a protected area, and is barely visible under a roof projection or balcony.

Versatile mounting options

Mounting brackets made from extruded aluminium (suitable for various situations, including for mounting on walls, ceilings and rafters) give you a high level of flexibility that makes the Erhardt S easy to install on your house.

Valance forms

A valance is the short fabric edging attached to the drop profile. It is typically used in open folding-arm awnings and elegantly conceals the technology. As the valance is also visible in winter, it should be tailored in terms of colour to the building facade and the immediate environment. An optional desired form can also be implemented in addition to straight and wavy versions.

Rain cover

If individually requested, an elegant rain cover made from extruded aluminium can be installed in order to protect the fabric from wind and weather and to help the fabric retain its brightness for longer.

Variomatic drive

The Variomatic drive gives you lots of options and allows you to adjust the inclination continuously between 7° and 55°. At an inclination of 55°, the awning is extended diagonally downwards, giving you ideal sun protection and privacy.

The perfect evening ambiance with light and warmth

Thanks to the atmospheric, optional lighting with a lighting rail, you can spend cosy evenings on your terrace. The optional infrared heaters quickly produce a cosy, comforting warmth, so you can enjoy your evenings to the full.

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Gelenkarmmarkise ERHARDT BS-D
Open folding-arm awning
Gelenkarmmarkise ERHARDT BS
Open folding-arm awning
Markise S
Open folding-arm awning