cassette awning ERHARDT SD

with flat design

Product description
  • The fabric and the mechanism are perfectly protected within the closed housing of the cassette awning. This ensures ideal protection from the elements.
  • The internal gutter is a further sophisticated detail.
  • Even with a low-profile installation height of only 15 cm, the ERHARDT SD is characterised by exceptional stability and torsional stiffness.
  • The ERHARDT SD is particularly robust making it suitable for larger areas as well.
  • The timeless shape of the cassette has a very light and elegant appearance in spite of its high loading capacity.
  • A valance can be ordered separately.
  • Durable materials and high-quality craftsmanship form the basis for sophisticated functionality.
  • A large selection of additional equipment: Ask your ERHARDT dealer to get valuable tips.
ERHARDT SD double awning

We recommend the double awning with a projection length of up to 160 cm for ideal protection. The vario-valance gives you not only perfect sun protection even when the sun is low, but also protection from the curios glances of others. With the Soltis fabric collection, you will be able to see out, but others cannot see in.

We recommend a motor with a remote control for the best in operating convenience. More safety is provided by the oscillation sensor which closes the awning automatically in strong winds.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 700 x 400 cm (width x projection length)

Double awning: 650 x 325 cm (width x projection length)

Cassette awning: Fabric shaft and mechanism
completely protected

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? Any RAL colour is possible

Tuchdessins: over 250 designs

  • ERHARDt Classic collection (acrylic)
  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • Vario-Valance: Soltis

Inclination angle: 5° – 35°

Special features:

  • Cassette height of only 15 cm
  • Exceptionally stable (large areas are possible)
  • Available as a double awning with a remote control motor
  • Can be coupled
  • High-quality tilting arm bearing
  • Motor (optionally with wireless remote control)
  • Automatic wind and sun sensors
  • Wireless oscillation sensor
  • Lighting rail (optionally dimmable)
  • Infrared heater (including wireless level control)
  • Awning fabric with welding adhesive technology
  • With optional valance





The ERHARDT SD cassette awning has an elegant, contemporary look. The awning’s innovative design means it fi ts perfectly into your surroundings, and its compac-tness makes the ERHARDT SD extremely robust and therefore suitable for larger areas.

Folding arms for maximum load

A robust mechanism in the arm middle joint with a special stainless steel flyer chain guarantees durability, high stability and extreme strength.

Vario-Valance for more protection

The Vario-Valance with a projection length of up to 160 cm for ideal protection. The double awning not only gives you perfect sun protection even when the sun is low, but also shields you from prying eyes.

All-round protection for fabric and mechanism

The entire mechanism and the awning fabric shaft are hidden in the cassette awning when in the retracted position. This ensures maximum protection from the elements while at the same time providing an unobtrusive appearance. It also helps the fabric retain its brightness for longer and makes the mechanism more reliable.

Customised angle adjustment

The angle of the awning can be set anywhere between 5° and 35° to give you the exact amount of shade you need for your outdoor area.

Lighting and comfort

The practical lighting rail is attached to the bottom of the awning via special brackets and ensures optimal lighting even in large areas. The brightness can be set to the desired level using simple dimming.
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Cassette awning
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Cassette awning
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Cassette awning
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Cassette awning
Kassettenmarkise ERHARDT SD
Cassette awning