terrace roof T100-T150

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Product description

Whether in spring, summer or autumn, an ERHARDT terrace roof allows you to enjoy the open air, protected from wind and weather. The combination of perfect protection from wind and rain, ultimate comfort and almost unlimited design flexibility makes an ERHARDT terrace roof the ideal addition to your home – and with our many years of experience manufacturing terrace roofs we guarantee nothing but the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Technical details

Profile heights: 100 mm (T100); 150 mm (T150); 110 mm (Q100); 150 mm (Q150)

Support spacing: Up to 7 m

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour

Optional features: Gutter, drain chain or downpipe

Material: Aluminium and LSG glass

Special features:

  • Up to 7 m without a 3rd support
  • Also ideally suited for balconies
  • Custom designs available
  • Can be expanded as needed at any time
  • wall connector options
ERHARDT Terrace roof Q100/Q150

The modern, progressive design of the Q100/Q150 terrace roof is the ideal solution for your patio if you are a lover of the Bauhaus style. The individual components such as rafters or wall connector complement each other perfectly, thus creating the sophisticated and modern appearance of the ERHARDT terrace roof. Clear characteristic features of the ERHARDT Q100/Q 150 terrace roof are the cubic rafters and the small curves and chamfers on the profiles.

Terrassendach mit cubischen Sparren

Wall connection
  • Wall connection with Silkion sealing lip
  • Wall connection with joint profile
  • Static wall connection especially suitable for houses with insulation
  • Lighting rail (optionally dimmable)
  • Integrated LED lighting in the rafters (optionally dimmable)
  • Infrared heater (including wireless dimmer)
  • TM conservatory awning for mounting on or under the roof
  • HS and WG conservatory awnings for on-roof mounting
  • Z (with ZIP system) and V-R90 vertical awnings
  • LED strip lighting in rafters and wall connector





ERHARDT terrace roofs are extremely robust aluminium structures, with a clever cross section design of the load-bearing elements which means that very few obtrusive supports are required for large glass surfaces. The attractive design gives the terrace roof a sleek, lightweight look while making it extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Various options

There are different rafter options available, which can be used depending on the circumstances and static requirements. As standard, all rafters come with channels for fitting lighting and discreetly attaching awnings.
ERHARDT Terrassendach T100/ T150 - Wandanschlusstechnik

wall connector technology

The wall connection ensures maximum function and highest tightness. Thanks to the different wall connection variations, ERHARDT offers the best possible connection to your house type. The optional LED lighting in the wall connection creates an additional highlight, especially in the evening.

Can be expanded at any time

ERHARDT terrace roofs can be supplemented by glass and sliding elements in any number of ways at any time. The range includes fixed glass elements and screening elements made from glass and aluminium which ensure ideal wind and weather protection.
Licht und Heizstrahler im Terrassendach

Additional features - light and warmth

An additional LED lighting pack and heating element from ERHARDT, available with manual or remote control, allow you to create the comfort and ambience that’s right for you in your conservatory.
ERHARDT Terrassendach Q150

ERHARDT Terrace roof Q100/Q150

Clear characteristic features of the ERHARDT Q100/Q150 INTEGRAL terrace roof are the cubic rafters and the small curves and chamfers on the profiles. As a result, the supporting profile looks elegant and light.

Professional shading for perfect comfort

We offer every kind of professional shading solution, from over or under-roof mounting with high-quality and durable cassette awnings to sophisticated vertical awnings offering protection against the low sun and curious glances. Our versatile fabric collections give you a wide range of awning fabrics to choose from which can be customised to meet your wishes and requirements.
ERHARDT Terrassendach T100/ T150 - Made in Germany

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
T100/ T150