terrace roof sliding panels

product description

The new ERHARDT all-glass sliding door (GSD) provides transparent wind and weather protection for use in a terrace roof or as a partition. The individual sliding leaves are moved horizontally in parallel to one or two sides. Carriers integrated in the system automatically support the process of opening and closing the leaves.

Choose between multiple fl oor tracks, from 2 to 5 rails, which can be fl ush mounted to the fl oor to enable a seamless transition to the outside. Several pull and latch options are available for maximum ease of use and safety. The downward extending system ensures low-maintenance and permanently smooth running with its stainless steel running mechanism and stainless steel ball bearing rollers. The system accommodates construction tolerances due to its intelligent profi le design and adjustable carriage, and it can be quickly and easily mounted.

Fields of application
  • Wind and weather protection for terrace roofs
  • Room divider
  • balcony glazing (note installation situation)
Technical details

Minimum sash sizes:

  • up to 260 cm height
  • up to 150 cm width
  • leaf weight up to 75 kg
  • special sizes on request

Implementation variations:

  • 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-rail version
  • slidable to left and/or right

Profile technology:

  • non-insulated all-glass sliding system
  • floor-mounted leaves
  • transparent corners

Fittings technology:

  • ball bearing-mounted stainless steel rollers
  • stainless steel running rails
  • covered carrier function
  • locking from inside/outside
  • drained floor rails


  • with TSG (toughened safety glass)
  • glazing thickness 8 mm or 10 mmmm

Frame colours(standard): White (RAL 9016), grey aluminium texture (RAL 9007 fine texture), anthracite(DB 703)

Requested colours? any RAL colour possible



Smooth and easy operation due to stainless steel running mechanism

The sliding leaves slide easily due to the concealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers in combination with stainless steel treads. The sliding leaves slide quietly over the treads and guarantee a long service life.

Convenient lock with retraction centring

The ERHARDT convenient lock enables easy operation and maximum convenience. The lock slides neatly into the lateral frame due to the new retraction centring and is locked there with the locking lever. The locked mode is permanently displayed visually. The swivelling pull enables maximum ease of use when opening and closing.

Many running rail variations

The flat, drained running rail is available with up to 5 rails and can either be recessed or surface-mounted. This means that the transition to the outside can be implemented almost flat if required.

Various pull options

When selecting a pull, you can avail of an extensive range of products that can be tailored to your needs.

Sophisticated rail options

The drained rail is available in options ranging from 2-railed to 5-railed versions and can be integrated via surface or flush mounting. Floor coverings can be laid from the inside and outside to the floor track without impairing the functioning of the sliding leaves. Thus the transition to the outside can be executed almost at ground level, depending on your requirements.

Construction tolerances and height compensation

The upper guide rail can accommodate a height tolerance of up to 18 mm by lowering the upper construction. This ensures the functionality of the sliding system even if the purlin of a terrace roof is deflected. A seal inserted in the profile frame enables maximum impermeability between the purlin/traverse and the GSD.

Impermeability and ventilation

A leaf cover of 36 mm enables the system to repel wind-driven rain and also ensures permanent ventilation with maximum transparency.

Maximum convenience, maximum opening width

When opening and closing the all-glass sliding door, the next leaves in each case are automatically moved by integrated carriers. When opened, the leaves are almost completely covered and thus ensure maximum opening.
Glass element
terrace roof sliding panels
ERHARDT Terrassendach Festelement
Glass element
terrace roof fixed panels
ERHARDT Terrassendach Schrägelemente
Glass element
terrace roof angled panels


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