QUBE Skyline

The convertible under the slat roofs

Product description

Give your outdoor area a modern and elegant look with a touch of luxury and lifestyle – with the Erhardt Qube Skyline, you can experience outdoor living in a whole new way!
» Unobstructed view of the sky as the slats can be fully retracted.
» Your exclusive retreat, customisable to your personal needs – lighting, heating, shading thanks to integrated vertical awnings and many other options – modularly expandable at any time, even retrospectively.
modularly expandable at any time.
» Additional living space for your hobby, leisure time, family time – simply extend your outdoor living season with glass elements and protect yourself from the wind and cold in your new outdoor living room.
new outdoor living room.
» Can be customised to fit your patio perfectly, so you don’t have to compromise on the dimensions of your slatted roof.

Technical details


  • Width: 610 cm
  • Depth: 450 cm
  • Height: max. 300 cm
  • Free-standing or on a façade



  • Opening angle up to 73°
  • Type: 160 mm, flat underside
  • Simultaneous alignment of all slats


4 Standard frame colour:

  • RAL7016 str.
  • RAL9016 finely str. matt
  • RAL9007 finely str.
  • DB703 smooth matt

6 Trend frame colour:

  • DB703 finely str. matt
  • Sparkling Iron Effect
  • Chestnut04 finely str.
  • RAL9005 finely str. matt
  • RAL7015 finely str. matt
  • RAL7039 finely str. matt


Control: Multi-channel radio remote control from Somfy or Teleco for controlling the slats, vertical awnings, lighting (RGB or white) and radiant heaters

Installation: Free-standing or on a façade

Lighting: LED Line and Spot Light


With our wide range of bioclimatic louvre roofs, we are setting new standards for your outdoor area. The Erhardt Qube Skyline louvre roof not only offers you protection from the sun and rain, but also creates an ambience that transforms your outdoor living area into an elegant retreat. Add the following updates to the Qube Skyline:

  • Integrated vertical awnings
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Lighting (in the frame and/or slats)
  • Radiant heater
  • Sockets & USB socket
  • Comfort slats

Rain sensor
Wind monitor




Qube Skyline the perfect solution

Would you like to give your outdoor area a modern and elegant look enjoy the interplay of light and shade and still be able to enjoy a clear view of the sky if you wish? Then the Qube Skyline is the perfect solution for you. With its purist design it will be the highlight of your patio.

Unobstructed view of the sky

Enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky, as the slat roof of the Qube Skyline can be retracted almost completely - just like a like a convertible. When opening and closing, the louvres rotate in a single in a single, smooth movement.

Technical comfort

Adapt your exclusive favourite spot to your personal needs - light in the slats and frame, radiant heaters, power sockets and many other options are available with the Qube Skyline. If the sun is blinding you or you would like some privacy, simply lower the vertical awning integrated into the frame and continue to enjoy your exclusive favourite spot.

Enough space for the whole family

Additional living space for your hobby, leisure time or family time? No problem problem; simply extend your outdoor living season and protect yourself protect yourself when the wind picks up and the leaves rustle, with elegant sliding glass elements and continue to enjoy the view the view of your garden.