The down-to-earth option among the slat roofs

Product description

Discover the free-standing Qube 23 with all its advantages. As a free-standing slat roof, you can install it anywhere in the garden by the pool or under your outdoor seating area, as the Qube 23 does not need to be attached to the house wall. With its span of 6.5 m and a maximum size of up to 31.5 m2, it offers enough space for every family member to enjoy their favourite activities and still be together as a family.

Construction height: max. 3 m
Width: max. 6.5 m
Depth: 4.5 m
Height of the beams: 230 cm
Posts: 150 mm x 150 mm (including one post
for installing the technical control system)
Freely selectable drainage post

Technical details


  • Width 650 cm
  • Depth 450 cm
  • Hight max. 300 cm


  • Opening angle up to 175°
  • Type: 160 mm, flat underside
  • Simultaneous alignment of all slats

4 Standard frame colour:

  • RAL7016 str.
  • RAL9016 finely str. matt
  • RAL9007 finely str.
  • DB703 smooth matt

6 Trend frame colour:

  • DB703 finely str. matt
  • Sparkling Iron Effect
  • Chestnut04 finely str.
  • RAL9005 finely str. matt
  • RAL7015 finely str. matt
  • RAL7039 finely str. matt

Control: Teleco for controlling the slats, lighting (RGB or white) and radiant heaters

Installation: Free-standing or on a façade


With the optional accessories for the Qube 23, you can optimise your favourite spot according to your ideas and wishes. Enjoy summer evenings outdoors and switch on the integrated LED lighting or an infrared radiant heater at the touch of a button.


  • Vertical awnings
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Lighting (in the frame)
  • Radiant heater

Shading options: Erhardt Z-E 105 and Z-E 125 vertical awnings

Rain monitor
Wind monitor



Individual colour selection

When creating your desired Qube 23, you have a choice of four standard colours: RAL7016, RAL9007, RAL9016 and DB703. Our 7 trend colours and all colours from the RAL colour palette are also possible.

Perfect ambience

With the Qube 23, you can design your outdoor area entirely according to your wishes. Dimensions, locking technology, weather sensors and lighting: everything can be customised to suit your needs. No matter what you have in mind, the Qube 23 offers the perfect ambience. And thanks to the optional rain and wind sensors, it can do so in any weather.


Your new favourite place gives you and your family more space to develop. It can be a playground, studio, greenhouse, studio, outdoor kitchen or living room. Expand your Qube 23 with ERHARDT glass elements to create a cosy retreat 365 days a year.

New outdoor living room

The Qube 23 has room for all family members - whether they want to spend time together or each for themselves. With its span of 6.5 metres and a maximum size of up to 31.5 m2, it offers enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and develop.

Elegant slatted roof

The bioclimatic slats of the Qube 23 can be conveniently controlled by remote control and enable ideal air circulation. The special thing about these slats is that they can be swivelled up to 175 degrees and opened and closed particularly quietly. If the remote control is not within reach, the optional automatic sun and wind function or the rain sensor ensure that you and your outdoor furniture are protected at all times.

Integrated rainwater drainage

The integrated drainage system channels the rain into the right channels. The gutter system guides the rainwater into the surrounding rain gutter and from there the water is drained through the supports in a concealed position. This ensures that the water is completely drained away before the door is opened again.