The entry-level model among the louvre roofs

Product description

With the Qube 19, you can design your outdoor area entirely according to your wishes. Dimensions, colours, locking technology, weather sensors and lighting: everything can be individually adapted to your needs. So you can easily add a new favourite chic space to your home.

Width 550 cm
Depth 400 cm
Height max. 300 cm

Technical details


  • Width 550 cm
  • Depth 400 cm
  • Height max. 300 cm


  • Opening angle up to 175°
  • Type: 160 mm, flat underside
  • Simultaneous alignment of all slats

4 Standard frame colour:

  • RAL7016 str.
  • RAL9016 finely str. matt
  • RAL9007 finely str.
  • DB703 smooth matt

6 Trend frame colour:

  • DB703 finely str. matt
  • Sparkling Iron Effect
  • Chestnut04 finely str.
  • RAL9005 finely str. matt
  • RAL7015 finely str. matt
  • RAL7039 finely str. matt

Control: Teleco for controlling the slats, lighting (RGB or white) and radiant heaters

Installation: Free-standing or on a façade


With the optional accessories for the Qube 19, you can optimise your favourite spot according to your ideas and wishes. Enjoy summer evenings outdoors and conveniently switch on the integrated LED lighting or an infrared radiant heater at the touch of a button.


  • Lighting (in the frame)
  • Radiant heater

Rain sensor
Wind monitor




Individual colour selection

Your new favourite place extends your home into the garden and creates additional living space. When creating your dream Qube 19, you can choose between four standard colours: RAL7016, RAL9007, RAL9016 and DB703, our trend colours and all colours from the RAL colour palette are possible.

Enchanting atmosphere under the slat roof

Our outdoor area has become an integral part of our daily lives: we eat outside, read, play chess and chat with our neighbours about God and the world over a glass of wine. In the evening, when it gets dark, we switch on our dimmable lighting at the touch of a button. Then it gets really cosy and our conversations go on late into the night.

Enough space to feel good

The Qube 19 slat roof can be your precious place for family time and friends or it can serve as an outdoor room for creative pursuits. With its span of 5.49 m and a maximum depth of up to 4 m, it offers enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and develop.

Elegant slat roof

Whether closing, opening or lighting control: thanks to the multifunctional remote control, you always have everything under control. The bioclimatic slats of the Qube 19 can also be conveniently controlled by remote control and enable ideal air circulation. In addition, the optional automatic sun and wind protection system ensures that you and your outdoor furniture are protected at all times.