pergola awning ERHARDT PMPlus

for flexible weather protection

Product description

The pergola awning ERHARDT PMPlus offers you the best awning and terrace roof – allowing you to enjoy either pure sunshine or a comfortable refuge in the shade at the touch of a button. The slim design of the Erhardt PM with side guide rails and an extra large shaded area (maximum 30 m2) is the perfect outdoor partner for many weather conditions. Erhardt offers a variety of lighting options or vertical shading options.

The new special feature of the ERHARDT PMPlus is the optionally integrated vario-volance in the drop profile, thus you can create your personal refuge. Furnish your favourite outdoor spot according to your individual taste.

Technical details

Minimum width: 145 cm (width) with max. projection 500 cm

Maximum width: 650 cm (width) with max. projection 450 cm

Maximum projection length: 500 cm (projection) with max. width 600 cm

Cassette awning: All-round protection for fabric and mechanism

Frame colour:

  • White RAL 9016
  • Anthracite DB 703
  • Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str.
  • Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom Colour: available in any RAL colour

Fabric designs:

  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • ERHARDT Classic collection (acrylic)
  • Vario-Valance: Soltis
  • Standard awning fabric design uses welding adhesive technology
  • Standard model: Fabric with zip (maximum fabric size: 30 m2)

Inclination angle: 0°-45°

Minimum inclination for rain protection 14°

Special features:

  • Sun and rain protection
  • Wind resistance class 3
  • High level of flexibility when mounting
  • Series mounting allows any number of units to be combined

Optional additional features of the ERHARDT PMPlus:

  • Remote control motor with control unit
  • Automatic wind and sun control
  • Rain sensor
  • Additional shade with a vario-valance (drive via integrated solar module)
  • LED strip lighting in cassette housing and/or guide rails
  • Infrared heater (incl. wireless dimmer feature), wall mounting only
  • ERHARDT vertical awning for lateral or frontal shading
Equipment recommendation

The ERHARDT PMPlus can be equipped with vertical or side awnings for additional privacy and sun protection (for when the sun is low). This vertical awning can be integrated perfectly at any time and also offers an increased level of wind protection. The fabric made of fibreglass screen allows you to see your surroundings while shielding you from curious glances.




The ERHARDT PMPlus is a pergola awning with a high-quality aluminium cassette providing optimum all-round protection for the fabric and mechanism. Side guide rails are attached to the cassette ends and extend the awning fabric perfectly to the supports, the end of the projection. The combination of guide rails and supports makes the pergola awning exceptionally stable. It is also suitable for windy areas unlike open folding arm awnings.

Awning fabric with a zip function

As standard, the new guide rail is always designed with the lateral zip function on the fabric, meaning that there is no longer a light gap between the fabric and lateral guide rail. The zip function is possible up to an awning fabric size of 30 m2 .

Easy mounting

Various bracket versions enable mounting even on challenging facades, and a variety of different brackets are available for this purpose. The connection between the support and guide rail looks elegant and modern due to the use of a functional clip bracket.

Additional privacy and sun protection

The ERHARDT PMPlus can also be equipped with a vario-volance. For convenient operation of the awning, the PV module can be mounted on either side of the drop bar. This provides additional privacy and protection when the sun is low at the touch of a button. The fabric allows you to look out into your garden while protecting you from curious inward glances.

Multi-part units

Mounting the ERHARDT PMPlus in series allows any number of units to be combined. This means that even larger areas can be shaded with multiple units.

The perfect evening ambiance with light and warmth

Thanks to the atmospheric, optional lighting with modern LED strips in the cassette housing and/or in the guide rails, you can spend cosy evenings on your terrace. The optional infrared heaters provide pleasant heat. The comforting heat is noticeable within a very short time. Enjoy your evenings to the full.

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Klassische Pergolamarkise ERHARDT PM