conservatory awning ERHARDT WG

the elegant rooftop solution

Product description

The ERHARDT WG has rails which can be offset inwards on the sides, technology which makes it the ideal awning for special and challenging shading applications. The rails run under the fabric and are fastened directly to the rafters without spacers. The awning fabric is extended and retracted on slides that are very quiet.  This technology enables the use of a projection not only at the front (for optimal shading of the roof surface), but also a suspended, unhindered overhang at the sides. This makes it possible to shade angled glass surfaces optimally. With this special rail technology, and with the rails mounted directly on the rafters, the ERHARDT WG is almost invisible when retracted.

Fields of application
  • skylight windows
  • terrace roofs
  • conservatories
  • sky domes
Technical details

Minimum width: 80 x 450 cm (width x projection length)

Maximum width: 500 x 450 cm oder 600 x 400 cm (width x projection length)

Mounting options: On-roof mounting

Means of installation: 2 laterally adjustable rails for direct mounting below the fabric

Coupling type: Several units can be mounted
in series: one motor always required per awning


  • Rails at front: max. 120 cm
  • Lateral Offset: max. 120 cm per side

cassette awning: All-round protection for cloth and technology

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour

Fabricdesigns: over 250 dessins

  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • ERHARDT Classic collection (acrylic)
  • Soltis 86 and 92*

Special features:

  • Rails can be offset inwards for special applications (projection on the sides)
  • Elegant appearance
  • Electric motor, low-noise
  • Clamping system – counter-draw technology

If you are not at home, the area under the retracted awning warms up. If you want to use your terrace roof or winter garden after work, you can expect a built-up heat. This cannot happen with an automatic sun and wind system! Your awning extends automatically when the sun is shining and retracts when there is wind. You can enjoy your evening in a wonderful atmosphere. Further equipment possibilities:

  • Remote control motor with control unit
  • Automatic wind and sun control
  • Rain sensor
  • Awning fabric in welding adhesive technology)




Intelligent operation and rail technology

The drop profile is connected to the rail carriage without any tension. Rollers protected from the elements guarantee extremely smooth and quiet operation.

Optimal fabric tensioning

The special tensioning system consisting of maintenance free gas spring elements with circumferential steel cable pulls ensures optimal tensioning of the awning fabric. The tensioning system is completely hidden and well protected as it is integrated into the rail.
Wintergartenmarkise ERHARDT WG -

Direct rail mounting for easy assembly

When retracted, no prominent mounting brackets or “floating” guide rails are visible.
Wintergartenmarkise ERHARDT WG -

Side projection

The cassette can have a side projection of up to 1.2 m by offsetting the guide rails.

Special applications

The special technology with rails offset at the sides ensures that complex and angled roof surfaces can be shaded. The ERHARDT WG gives you consistent, harmonious shading.

An awning fabric that creates a special atmosphere

The fabric is one of the most important and striking parts of an awning. As well as protecting you from dangerous and annoying sunrays, a well-chosen fabric will at-tract admiring glances. Choose your new awning fabric from the Tibelly Ambiente (polyester), Tibelly Classic (acrylic) or SOLTIS 86/92 collections.

Made in Germany

All ERHARDT awnings are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Conservatory awning
Conservatory awning
Conservatory awning