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Product description

No-one wants problems when they’re trying to relax and enjoy their free time on their terrace or balcony – after all, quality time is precious. The ERHARDT K cassette awning is the perfect choice if you’re looking for maxi-mum protection for your awning fabric, as the fabric and the entire arm mechanism can be retracted and stored in a fully enclosed cassette.

Available in a size of 550 x 300 cm (width x projection length), the ERHARDT K is exceptionally well-suited for balconies and terraces. With optional additional features including a remote-control motor and dimmable LED lighting in the housing, an awning fabric from our Tibelly collections will create the right feel-good atmosphere for you in your favourite spot.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 550 x 300 cm (width x projection)

Cassette awning: Tuchrolle Protected mechanism and fabric shaft

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour

Fabric designs:

  • ERHARDT Ambiente collection (polyester)
  • ERHARDT Classic collection (acrylic)

Inclination angle: 0-40° with motor; 0-30° with crank


  • Ceiling mounting
  • Wall mounting

Special features:

  • Ideal for balconies and small terraces
  • Motorised as standard
  • Low installation height, cassette height only 13 cm
  • Simple design
  • Remote control
  • Automatic wind and sun control
  • Somfy Eolis wireless oscillation sensor
  • Awning fabric with welding adhesive technology
  • LED strip in cassette housing dimmable, optional external transformer in cable channel
  • Infrared heater (including wireless level control)





The ERHARDT K cassette awning impresses thanks to its compact, modern design. A main priority during the design process was to retain maximum functionality while making it as discreet as possible when closed, and the result is an awning which fits perfectly into its surroundings and a cassette with minimum visual impact.

All-round protection

The entire mechanism and the awning fabric shaft are hidden in the cassette awning when in the retracted position, which ensures maximum protection from the elements while at the same time providing an unobtrusive appearance.

Folding arms for the highest loads

The robust mechanism of the high-quality hinge-folding arm guarantees long-term high stability and extreme strength.

Customised angle adjustment

With motor operation, the angle of the awning can be set anywhere between 0° and 40° to give you the exact amount of shade you need for your outdoor area. With manual crank operation, the angle can be adjusted between 0° and 30°.

Cassette height of just 13 cm

The compact design with its cassette height of only 13 cm allows the awning to be integrated perfectly into the tightest space by making use of the numerous mounting options.

Lighting and comfort

LED strips discreetly integrated in the housing create an atmospheric ambience on your terrace or balcony, and the dimmer function allows you to adjust the lighting to suit the situation. The external transformer to control the lighting can be accommodated in a separate aluminium housing in the same colour as the awning.

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau awnings are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
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Cassette awning
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