awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings KD
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings KD
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings KD




ERHARDT KD Markisen | Kassettenmarkise
ERHARDT KD Markisen | Kassettenmarkise

the high-performance cassette awning

No-one wants problems when they’re trying to relax and enjoy their free time on their terrace or balcony in summer – after all, quality time is precious. The ERHARDT KD cassette awning is the perfect choice if you’re looking to combine practicality and convenience, as the fabric and entire arm mechanism can be retracted and stored in a fully enclosed cassette.

Available in a size of 700 x 400 cm (width x projection length), the ERHARDT KD is exceptionally well-suited for shading large areas. To protect your privacy, avoid curious glances and create the perfect open-air retreat space, the ERHARDT KD is also available as a double awning. With optional additional features including a remote-control motor and dimmable LED lighting in the housing, an awning fabric from our Tibelly collections will create the right feel-good atmosphere for you in your favourite spot.


Erhardt KD Markise geschlossen
ERHARDT KD - closed awning
Erhardt KD Doppelmarkise offen
ERHARDT KD - double awning
Erhardt KD unter Markise
ERHARDT KD - view under the awning





QUBE Arc komplettes DesignThe ERHARDT KD cassette awning has a timeless, lightweight and elegant look. The contemporary design is as discreet as possible when retracted, and the result is an awning which fi ts perfectly into its surroundings and a cassette with minimum visual impact. Its compactness makes the ERHARDT KD extremely robust and therefore suitable for larger areas.

Folding chain arms for the highest loads

Gelenkarme KD MarkiseHigh-quality chains in the folding arms guarantee reliable, long-lasting operation. The mechanism remains stable and durable even when subjected to high wind loads.

Doppelmarkise für erweiterten Schutz

Doppelmarkise KD MarkiseA Vario-Valance can be attached in the front drop bar for use as vertical sun and visual protection up to a height of 160 cm. This vertical screen is motor-operated for maximum convenience.

All-round protection for fabric and mechanism

Rundumschutz Tuch KD MarkiseThe entire mechanism and the awning fabric shaft are hidden when the double cassette awning is retracted, which ensures maximum protection from the elements while at the same time providing an unobtrusive appearance. It also helps the fabric retain its brightness for longer and makes the mechanism more reliable.

Customised angle adjustment

QUBE Arc komplettes DesignThe angle of the awning can be set anywhere between 5° and 35° to give you the exact amount of shade you need for your outdoor area.

Lighting and comfort in the housing

Gelenkarme KD MarkiseLED strips discreetly integrated in the housing create an atmospheric ambience on your terrace or balcony, and the dimmer function allows you to adjust the lighting to suit the situation. The built-in motor with remote control, which controls both the awning and the lighting, makes operation as easy as possible.

CE Made in Germany

Doppelmarkise KD MarkiseAll ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round
service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.




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