Terrace roofs with panorama effect for a summer holiday atmosphere in your own home: innovative, versatile and flexible

With an ERHARDT terrace roof, you can bring a real holiday atmosphere into your home. With a terrace roof, you can enjoy the outdoor season whatever the weather. Terrace roofs are becoming increasingly popular because they can also be designed very  flexibly and glass panels can be added even when they are finished. There are countless design and application options for a terrace roof. Whether it’s for a terrace, a balcony or a customised solution, you can decide yourself which functions and what protection the terrace roof offers. The fixed and angled panels, which can be configured freely, provide additional protection and design options. With our sliding glass panels, in summer you have a space that is protected against the weather but nevertheless offers an impressive panorama of the surrounding area and makes it possible to access the garden at any time.

Examples of ERHARDT T100/T150

ERHARDT T100 and T150 terrace roofs

ERHARDT terrace roofs are very sturdy aluminium structures, which means that very large areas of glass can be used without obtrusive supports. This is achieved by means of the clever cross-section of the supporting elements. As a result, the external appearance of the terrace roof remains very delicate and light despite the high stability and durability. A terrace roof can have practical benefits throughout the year, e.g. as a storage area for garden furniture or as a customised solution. The aluminium structure comes in three basic colours (white, grey aluminium, anthracite), but is also available in any RAL colour of your choice.

Examples of customised solutions

Examples of additional accessories

Additional equipment for terrace roofs

ERHARDT terrace roofs can be shaded perfectly on all sides (above and at the sides) with ERHARDT conservatory awnings and ERHARDT vertical awnings. With the optional addition of a wind- sun sensor, you can protected your glazed open space against overheating. With ERHARDT vertical awnings (ERHARDT V and ERHARDT Z), you can also protect yourself effectively against low sun and prying eyes, while you continue to enjoy a view of your surroundings. Additional living comfort is offered by the dimmable LED lights and infrared heaters in our range.


ERHARDT shading