Gallery of ERHARDT angled panels

ERHARDT angled panels: Product description

ERHARDT angled panels – anything is possible!

Angled panels is the term used for all support panels in which at least one has an angle other than 90°. The angled panels can be of any linear shape. Even in complicated situations, great solutions are possible. The angled panels are mainly used as wind and weather protection in angles. Angled panels can be used to secure fixed panels and sliding glass panels. With both you have the choice between frameless glass with stainless steel brackets or aluminium frames filled with glass. The fixed panels can also be supplied as sandwich sheets (e.g. aluminium as spray protection at the bottom, glass at the top – and the heights of the materials are variable). If you opt for an additional ERHARDT terrace roof, you also have a free choice in the roof area for a combination of glass and e.g. 1/3 aluminium.