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Terrassendach Wandanschluss

New, multi-piece wall connector technology

The new, multi-piece wall connector offers maximum versatility and forms the perfect seal. The wall connector has a cascading design with three layers of concealed drainage to prevent water ingress. An intelligent design, including grooves for LED lighting and attaching supports, makes mounting easy and gives you full flexibility.

Terrassendach / Terrassenbüberdachung | ERHARDT Markisen
Terrassendach / Terrassenbüberdachung | ERHARDT Markisen

ERHARDT Markisenbau GmbH was founded by Robert Erhardt in 1980 as a one-man operation. Our company has been growing continuously and organically for over 30 years. Quality and ambition, innovative ideas, fast and reliable delivery, motivated staff and communication on a personal level are the basis for our success.

We have been designing and manufacturing terrace roofs and glazing solutions at our site in Burtenbach for 10 years. Continuous development, professional advice and the desire to keep our customer’s happy are certainly some of the reasons why we are among the leading manufacturers of terrace roofs and glass panels in Germany. Our customer-focused service ensures maximum satisfaction.

We focus on good communication with our specialist dealers so that the customer’s requirements can be met as effectively as possible. The areas of customised solutions and glazing (e.g. balcony glazing, building covers, carports, etc.) are playing an increasingly important role and require particularly skilled technical staff. With the right planning , incredibly sophisticated and multi-functional solutions can often be created even where the space is severely limited. Every design is checked carefully (snow load) and is CE certified. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience, especially in planning and design. Every year, informative seminars and training courses are held for our specialist partners on our premises, so that you can enjoy the advantages of high-quality, expert advice.

In the field of terrace, façade and conservatory shading, we are able to draw on 30 years of experience. Our innovative development department plays a very important part in this. In 2002, for example, we became pioneers in the materials processing market.
We developed welding glue technology. Our fabrics undergo strict testing both in the weaving plant and in our sewing room. Our current range of materials comprises over 250 different fabric designs in 7 different collections. Our two exclusive collections, SUNSILK Natura and SUNVAS CASA, are of a quality that will meet the highest standards. Thanks to its unique and sophisticated weaving effects and fine linen textures, SUNVAS CASA is one of the most innovative and sought-after collections.

High-quality materials. Tried and tested technology. Customised products on request. Dirt-resistant materials. Precise cutting. Exact gluing and sewing techniques. The best yarns and reliable staff. These are the ideal prerequisites for building a relationship of trust with our customers.

Visit our homepage and let yourself be inspired by our enthusiasm for our products and enjoy individual terrace roof solutions, sophisticated designs, elegant glazing solutions of all sorts and perfect shading systems and awnings.