window awning ERHARDT SOK

Elegance with stainless steel cable guide

Product description
  • The ERHARDT SOK can be used for sun protection and privacy in protected areas such as under a balcony ceiling.
  • The ERHARDT SOK is an open vertical awning with no cassette and no rain cover.
  • Lateral guiding of the drop profile is accomplished by means of stainless steel cables fed through the drop profile using a special technique. The tension cables are pretensioned in the mounting by a gas spring to achieve adequate wind stability.
  • The drive options include an awning crank, jointed crank or a motor drive.
  • Installation of the ERHARDT SOK is fast and simple.
  • The awning fabric is unrolled in front of the shaft as standard, but there is also the option of unrolling the awning fabric behind the shaft.
  • Choose the perfect awning fabric for the drop arm awnings from the ERHARDT Tibelly fabric collection.
Fields of application

The only solution for facade shading:

  • Window and door elements
  • Vertical glass surfaces or facades

Combinable for:

  • terrace roofs (also lateral )
  • pergolas
  • conservatories
Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 550 x 400 cm (W x H)

Side guide: Stainless steel cable guides

Frame colour: White (RAL 9016), Grey aluminium structured (RAL 9007 finely structured), Anthracite (DB 703)

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour.


  • Tibelly Ambiente (Polyester)
  • Tibelly Classic (Arcyl)
  • Tibelly Screen (fibreglass)
  • Soltis 86 and 92 (size-dependent)

Special features:

  • Individual or coupled unit
  • Can be crank operated from the interior or exterior


Window and facade awning
ERHARDT Vertical awning with cable guide
Fenstermarkise ERHARDT SOK
Window and facade awning
ERHARDT Senkrechtmarkise mit Führungsschiene
Window and facade awning
ERHARDT vertical awning with guide rail
Fenstermarkise ERHARDT FOK
Window and facade awning
ERHARDT Markisolette
Window and facade awning
ERHARDT Markisolette
ERHARDT Fallarmmarkise
Window and facade awning
ERHARDT drop arm awning


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