Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V

vertical awning ERHARDT V-SH

vertical sun and privacy protection

Product description

The ERHARDT V-SH stands out through its slim design and elegant stainless steel guide system. The vertical awning featuring a sleek cassette and state-of-the-art technology offers perfect visual and sun protection for glass facades and terrace roofs, and the small, discreet cassette made from extruded aluminium protects the awning fabric from wind and weather when retracted.

The ERHARDT V-SH is extremely durable and weather-resistant due to the high-quality materials used and the meticulous craftsmanship.

Fields of application

Single solution for facade shading:

  • Window and door elements
  • Vertical glass surfaces/ facades

Can be combined with:

  • Terrace roofs (also on the sides)
  • balconies
  • pergolas
  • conservatories
Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 600 x 240 cm (width x projection length)

Vertical awning: Stainless steel cable guide

Frame colour: White (RAL 9016), Grey aluminium structured (RAL 9007 finely structured), Anthracite(DB 703)

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour

Fabric designs:

  • Tibelly Ambiente* Collection(Polyester)
  • Tibelly Classic* Collection(Acryl)
  • Tibelly Screen* Collection (Fibreglass)
  • Soltis 86 and 92* dependent on size

Special features:

  • Patented swivel lever technology (SH)
  • Sleek design
  • Can be mounted in series
  • Motorised as standard
  • Remote control
  • PV module for independent operation
  • Radio motor
  • Automatic wind and sun control


Equipment recommendation

Design your facade and favourite spot just the way you want it using the wide range of designs from our Tibelly collections. We recommend the Soltis collection, as these fabrics allow you to look out while protecting you from curious glances looking in. They also offer optimum UV protection, give the room a bright and friendly feel and protect you from the glare of sunlight (e.g. when watching television or working on a computer).



Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Design

Sleek design

The semicircular cassette design and the lateral stainless steel cables give the ERHARDT V-SH an extremely slim and modern feel. The vertical awning therefore suits all kinds of different styles, making it perfect for integrating into the architecture of the house.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Seilführung

Lateral stainless steel cable guide

The lateral guides for the drop arm profile are made of stainless steel cables and are guided through the drop arm using special technology. Not only are the cables extremely sleek, they also guarantee that the awning will run smoothly and without interruptions for many years.

Motor control for added convenience

The ERHARDT V-SH awning is equipped with a motor as standard. For increased ease of use, it can be optionally equipped as a remote-controlled drive with a remote control. The ERHARDT PV module, which allows the vertical awning to function completely independently in any installation situation, is new.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Technik

Patented technology

The V-SH vertical awning features patented technology for extending and retracting the fabric without any folding. A swivel lever ensures the fabric moves into exactly the right position while extending and retracting, making the fabric extremely smooth when extended and avoiding large folds to give you effective visual and sun protection.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Bauweise

Suitable for large areas

The compact design allows the vertical awnings to be installed next to each other without taking up excessive space, allowing large areas to be shaded elegantly and unobtrusively.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Made in Germany

CE Made in Germany

All ERHARDT Markisenbau products are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high quality.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH - Fensterbeschattung

Perfectly suited for window shading

The slim design and sleek stainless steel cables make the awning perfect for window installation and shading. With the appropriate Soltis fabric, it helps you create a pleasant atmosphere, e.g. for a workspace.
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT V-SH
Vertical awning
Senkrechtmarkise ERHARDT Z
Vertical awning


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