Pergolamarkise ERHARDT Qube Line

pergola awning QUBE Line

Product description

With its  QUBE series, ERHARDT Markisen has extended its range of pergolas. The QUBE Line is a folding pergola and protects you from the sun, wind and rain on your terrace. It is discreet, lightweight and extremely elegant. The QUBE Line pergola is an innovative product with a precise and reliable fabric guidance system, which combines the lightness of the shapes with the good protective properties of the fabric. The fabric guidance system runs within the guide rails and the mechanism disappears into the particularly slender structure. Extend your outdoor season with additional optional acces-sories. At night, LED lighting ensures an atmospheric ambience on your terrace. The QUBE line with its elegant design integrates perfectly into your surroundings.

Awning control

The extension and retraction of the awning fabric of the QUBE Line can be controlled individually. Each awning pull-out has an effect on the ambience under the pergola. You can use the awning fabric to control the solar radiation under the QUBE Line.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions: 1300 x 500cm, 1150 x 550cm (max. width 1300 cm fabric in one piece)

Mounting technique: Wall mounting


  • One drive for bothguide rails
  • 2 guide rails, 2 posts and one water gutter
  • Motors compatible with Somfy RTS and io control

Frame colour: White RAL 9016, Anthracite DB 703, Anthracite grey RAL 7016 str., Grey-aluminium RAL 9007 str.

Custom colour? available in any RAL colour.

Fabric designs:

  • PRECONTRAINT 502 Satin
  • PRECONTRAINT 622 Grigio

Special features:

  • Concealed drainage through posts
  • Optional outward moving gutter
  • Wind resistance class 6 according to UNI EN 13561
  • Not suitable for vertical awnings and substructure elements
Optional additional features
  • Automatic control for wind and rain control
  • Lighting with LED strip in fabric support profile possible
  • Infrared heating element




Pergolamarkise QUBE Line -

Sleek profiles, linear design

The QUBE Line is characterised by its sleek profiles and clear linear system. The light-weight aluminium construction, in combination with the waterproof fabric, creates ideal protection for your terrace without being obtrusive.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Line - Sicht von innen

Provision of maximum shade

The QUBE Line can protect large terraces up to a width of 13 m and a depth of 5 m.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Line - Abdichtungssystem

Patented sealing system

Patented rain protection piping is attached to the side guide rails. This profile cannot move when the fabric is moving and is attached to the fabric with two sealing lips. This ensures the required impermeability and prevents water from penetrating, even in the event of wind.

Ambience with dimmable LED

Your personal ambience may be ensured by means of integrable LED spots in the drop profile, which you can dim continuously via a remote control.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Line - Schutzdach

Optimum protection for the fabric

In its retracted state, the fabric is protected against dirt from above thanks to its rain cover.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Line - Entwässerung

Intelligent, concealed drainage

The waterproof fabric channels the rainwater into the front gutter. From there, the water is drained in a concealed manner by the supports. No external downpipe constructions disrupt the harmonious look.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Line - Stützfüße

Adjustable support feet

The slightest unevenness of the terrace is incorporated within the construction. The concealed and adjustable support feet enable the pergola to be mounted quickly and perfectly.

Many options for your terrace

The QUBE Line offers a wide range of accessories to enable you to design your terrace in-dividually. An accompanying gutter rectifies the overall view and makes it even more sleek. Heating and light complete the whole package.
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Pergolamarkise QUBE Line
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