pergola awning QUBE Lamella

the variable sun protection

Product description

With its QUBE series, ERHARDT Markisen has extended its range of pergolas. The new aluminium QUBE Lamella protects you from the sun, wind and rain during your outdoor activities. When the sun shines, the slightly open aluminium slats provide shade and allow the air to circulate at the same time. When they are com-pletely closed, they provide reliable protection against rain and moisture. In a rain shower, the water is guided through integrated channels on the slats into the surrounding gutter and is drained by the supports.

Thus this pergola offers comprehensive and individual protection. The slats, light and heating can be controlled very easily via a handheld transmitter. The different versions enable you to create an individual design and integrate the pergola into your home and garden.

Slat position

The slat angle is variably adjustable. The maximum opening angle is 110°. The remote control provides 4 preset opening angles of 0°, 33%, 66% and 100%. Step switching is only possible with the Teleco controller.

Technical details

Maximum dimensions:

  • free-standing design 400 x 810 cm**from 601 cm, additional central support and central reinforcement

Mounting technique:

  • free-standing design
  • wall mounting
  • on construction at the installation site


  • Operation of slats via a linear motor and push rod
  • Motors with Somfy io control

Frame colour: White (RAL 9016), Grey aluminium structured (RAL 9007 finely structured), Anthracite (DB 703)

Custom colour: available in any RAL colour

End caps for slats:

  • White (RAL 9010)
  • Ivory (RAL 1013)
  • Grey (RAL 9006)
  • Black (RAL 9005)

Special features:

  • Free-standing, self-supporting construction
  • Concealed drainage
  • Surrounding gutter profiles
  • Wind resistance class 6 in accordance with UNI EN 13561
  • Anbauten in der Breite ohne Grenzen möglich
  • Sun protection through the rotation of the slats
Optional additional features
  • Automatic wind and rain control
  • Lighting with LED strip in gutter possible
  • Infrared heating element
  • Vertical awnings ERHARDT Z E-105 and ERHARDT Z E-125 for lateral shading
  • Create your refuge with all-glass sliding doors (GST)




Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Wasserdichte Lamellen

Waterproof slats

Each individual slat is equipped with seals to ensure complete impermeability against rain. You and your furniture are optimally protected, even in bad weather.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Funktionalität


The slats are stored individually and thus absorb temperature-related length changes while maintaining functionality. In this way, correct functioning and protection are guaranteed in the long term.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - LED-Spots

Ambience with dimmable LED

Your personal ambience may be ensured by means of integrated LED strips in the surrounding gutter, which you can dim continuously via a remote control.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Entwässerung

Intelligent, concealed drainage

Gutter systems located on the slats channel the rainwater into the surrounding gutter. From there, the water is drained in a concealed manner by the supports. Even when opening the slats after a rain shower, the water is drained in a controlled manner by the intelligent design of the profiles, and thus protects you com-pletely.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella -


When developing QUBE Lamella, the emphasis was placed on a harmonious de-sign combined with an architecturally appealing form and protection from sunlight. This is reflected, among other things, in such details as the upper support section, which is almost inconspicuous, although technically highly efficient in the construction.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Lamellenstellung

Individual slat position

By means of a continuously controllable linear motor, the slats are moved with a pole into their desired position, up to complete opening. In addition, the preset slat openings of 0°, 33%, 66% and 100% on your remote control ensure maximum convenience during operation. Step switching is only possible with the Teleco controller.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Made in Germany

Tested, safe system

All materials, mechanisms and design elements have been tested by strict certification bodies who constantly monitor and check the quality of production. ERHARDT Markisenbau GmbH has received the CE marking of the product in accordance with EN 13561 and EN 1090. For the QUBE Lamella pergola, wind resistance class 6 as per EN 13561:2015 was achieved.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella - Architektur

Solutions for all structural situations

Large openings without supports are a trend in today's architecture. For such requirements, we provide special solutions for your construction project. A version which manages without back supports within the structure uses a wall bracket that fits harmoniously into the construction and controls the loads in the structure without any obtrusive supports.
Pergolamarkise QUBE Lamella
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QUBE Lamella
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Pergolamarkise QUBE Center
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QUBE Center
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