Gallery of facade and window awnings

ERHARDT Markisen - Fenstermarkisen
ERHARDT Markisen - Fenstermarkisen

Product images of window and facade awnings

Window and facade awnings: Product description

Professional shading with window and façade awnings: versatile, efficient, unobtrusive or striking – anything is possible

Window and façade awnings provide professional shading to glass surfaces of various sizes. They are operated by crank mechanisms or, as an option, by motor and remote control. Depending on the type of awning, various options are available.

ERHARDT TRR: Vertical awning

The ERHARDT TRR vertical awning has a circular casing to protect the awning fabric. It is guided by side rails.

ERHARDT TRR-S: Vertical awning

The ERHARDT TRR-S vertical awning is similar to the ERHARDT TRR but has a cable guide. The stainless steel cable guide makes the TRR-S seem a lot slimmer and more elegant, especially if you are trying to create an architectural feature.

ERHARDT MAR: markisolette-style awning

ERHARDT MAR is a markisolette-style awning. The markisolette is a combination of a vertical awning and a projection awning. With an angle of 135°, it is possible to see out at the bottom. The spaced fitting allows good ventilation of the façade behind the awning.

ERHARDT drop arm awning

The ERHARDT drop arm awning has a round casing to protect the awning fabric. The spring tension of the drop arm alone is sufficient to extend the awning optimally.