Seitenmarkise | ERHARDT Wind- und Sichtschutzwand
Seitenmarkise | ERHARDT Wind- und Sichtschutzwand

ERHARDT WSW wind protection and privacy wall: Product description

Wind protection and privacy wall

A simple solution for appreciably more comfort and privacy

The ERHARDT WSW is a side protection awning with a flexible height (max. fabric height 1.80 m). This makes it an ideal solution when the sun is low in the sky, the wind causes problems and, above all, when protection is required from the prying eyes of others. The side protection awning provides optimal privacy on balconies and terraces and in small gardens and it can be extended or retracted as required. The technical features ensure that handling is as easy as possible - it can be extended  and retracted in one movement. Two brackets provide adequate stability even in stronger winds. The box with the awning fabric can be removed at any time (e.g. in winter) by lifting it slightly. The side protection awning can be fitted almost anywhere, as a wall can also serve as the attachment point. The brackets provided also require little space and are very unobtrusive and flexible to use. The side awning can be extended up to a maximum length of 4 m, but it is also an elegant solution in the smallest of areas (e.g. a balcony).


There are various pole mounts and handles for the ERHARDT WSW. The pole can also be attached flexibly, meaning that it can be removed completely in winter. Existing structural features such as pillars, walls or strong fencing can also be used for the ERHARDT WSW.