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ERHARDT Z vertical awning: Technical specifications

Sophisticated vertical privacy and sun protection awning with concealed zip sealing system

  • With the ERHARDT Z, the fabric is guided along a special but unobtrusive rail system by means of a welded zip system, which means that there is no distracting light gap between the awning fabric and guide rail.  
  • This provides significantly more wind stability (for façade mounting up to a wind strength of 6), ideal where there are draughts and in windy weather.  
  • Larger system dimensions are therefore possible.  
  • There are two fabric qualities for the fibreglass screens (one with different front and back)  
  • The vertical awning cannot be seen from inside when it is in the retracted position.
  • With the Z105 and Z125 models, the end bar can be fully retracted.  *Operation is by a motor drive with an optional wireless remote control.  
  • The ERHARDT Z provides the perfect easy-care protection for challenging façade solutions (e.g. windows or large areas of glass) and for terraces and balconies, with plenty of added value.  
  • Your ERHARDT specialist dealer is available to answer any of your queries.

ERHARDT Z detailed views

ERHARDT Z models

ERHARDT Z: 105 mm cassette height,
rectangular and round models;
Maximum dimensions:
300 x 300 cm
400 x 240 cm

ERHARDT Z: 125 mm cassette height,
rectangular and round models;
Maximum dimensions:
500 x 300 cm

ERHARDT Z: 90 mm cassette height,
Maximum dimensions:
600 x 240 cm

ERHARDT Z cassette types

ERHARDT Z accessories

  • Remote control Tipp
  • Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection

You can find out more about accessories here

Further information about accessories

Recommended equipment for the ERHARDT Z

From our wide range of fabrics, we recommend the Fibreglass screen collection. The transparent fabric offers optimal privacy and sun protection. The high degree of transparency makes the fabric inconspicuous yet attractive. The sophisticated designs come in a wide range of colours.
The motor drive with wireless remote control is ideal for vertical cassette awnings. You can adjust the feel-good ambience quickly and conveniently while seated.