awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings BS-H
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings BS-H
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings BS-H

ERHARDT BS-H sleeve awning

  • For locations where high resistance to the elements is required  
  • The fabric roll is in a sleeve and is therefore perfectly protected all round. The mechanism and folding arms are open and are exposed to the elements
  • Suitable for balcony and terrace
  • Finish: mechanism and folding arm can be seen from below, valance available as a design projection profile instead of fabric
  • Valance conceals the mechanism
  • Double awning model

ERHARDT BS-H gallery

ERHARDT BS-H sleeve awning: Product description

ERHARDT BS-H – The sleeve awning with rain cover and protective sleeve underneath

  • The ERHARDT BS-H is identical to the ERHARDT BS-D, except that it has not only the rain cover but also an additional sub-shell and is therefore a sleeve awning.  
  • The high-quality tilt arm bearing of the BS-H guarantees that it closes tight.  
  • The rolled fabric is completely protected by the casing and rain cover.  
  • A sleeve awning offers similar protection to a high-quality cassette awning.
  • When a sleeve awning is shut, the folding arms remain visible from below.

ERHARDT BS-H product images

Erhardt BS-H double awning

The ERHARDT BS-H is also available as a double awning. You can lower the double awning vertically by up to 1.70 m to increase the shaded area significantly. The vertical awning also provides very effective shade against the glare of the sun when it is low in the sky. The Soltis fabric designs allow you to see out but protect you from prying eyes outside. Just like the main awning, the vertical awning can be operated by a crank handle or a wireless motor drive.

Example of double awning

ERHARDT BS L version: greater projection than width

Our L models are particularly sturdy and are made with different arm positions. The folding arms are positioned on top of one another. This allows for dimensions with greater depth than width (e.g.: 250 cm x 400 cm). Ideal for deep balconies and terraces.

Example of the BS-L version

Optional accessories for ERHARDT BS-H

  • Motor control (also for double awning)
  • Remote control (also for double awning)
  • Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection
  • Wireless vibration sensor
  • Awning fabric with welding glue technology
  • Light bar (with dimmer as an option) Tipp
  • Infrared heaters (including remote dimmer)
  • Double awning (vario-valance) including for “Deluxe” model
  • “Deluxe” version: design projection profile instead of fabric valance

Further information about accessories

Recommended equipment for the Erhardt BS-H

We particularly recommend the option of a remote control to go with the standard motor for maximum operating convenience. The vibration sensor, which closes the awning automatically in strong wind, provides added safety.

We recommend the double awning with a projection of up to 170 cm for optimal protection. With the double awning, you can enjoy not only perfect shading from the sun, even if it is low in the sky, but also protection from prying eyes. With the Soltis fabric collection, you can look out, but no one can look in.