Pergola awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings PM
Pergola awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings PM
Pergola awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings PM
Pergola awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings PM


The sturdy aluminium pergola awning for flexible weather protection in the home and the restaurant industry

  • The ERHARDT PM is a pergola awning with a high-quality aluminium cassette as all-round protection for fabric and mechanism.
  • The cassette has two guide rails for the fabric and two fixed supports at the end of the projection.
  • This makes it particularly durable and extremely resistant to the wind.
  • The various brackets facilitate almost any type of installation – including on awkward building façades.

The ERHARDT PM is particularly unobtrusive in the retracted position (e.g. in winter) thanks to the slim construction and the modern design of the supports and rails. The awning fabric can be extended easily to the required position with the motor supplied as standard. Additional privacy and sun protection is always available with appropriate ERHARDT vertical or side awnings. There are plenty of accessories for the ERHARDT PM, offering even more convenience e.g. remote-controlled motor, heater, light bar and much more.

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Pergolamarkise | ERHARDT Markisen
Pergolamarkise | ERHARDT Markisen

ERHARDT PM pergola awning: Product description

Perfect sun and rain protection despite slimline design

The ERHARDT PM can be used for both small and very large areas (e.g. small balconies, roof terraces, terraces or in the restaurant industry). The pergola awning is the ideal choice in exposed, windy locations and provides additional protection against the rain. A further advantage is that the width can be selected independently of the projection.

Thanks to its supports, the ERHARDT PM provides perfect protection against the sun even in windy conditions (ideal for balconies and roof terraces) and optimal rain protection from an angle of 15°.

The ERHARDT PM can also be fitted with additional privacy and sun protection (for when the sun is low in the sky) with vertical or side awnings.  We particularly recommend the ERHARDT Zip with its concealed zip fastening system.  This vertical awning can be integrated perfectly in any circumstances and also offers increased wind protection. With a fibreglass fabric screen, you can see your surroundings but you are protected from the prying eyes of those outside.

ERHARDT PM accessories

With the optional light bar, which can be fitted either to the cassette or the wall , you can provide your terrace with the perfect professional illumination. The light bar can be ordered with a dimmer as an option. The optional infrared heater does not heat up the surroundings but only the objects or bodies that are irradiated directly by it.  The heat is noticeable within a few seconds. Infrared heaters are therefore a popular and effective source of heat outdoors.

Further information about accessories

Examples of customised solutions

Pergolamarkise | ERHARDT Markisen
Pergolamarkise | ERHARDT Markisen

ERHARDT pergola - new product

ERHARDT Pergola PMlight | ERHARDT Markisen
ERHARDT Pergola PMlight | ERHARDT Markisen

ERHARDT PMlight - the small pergola awning

The PMlight will convince you with its completely new design and its ZIP technology, with which the side fabric guide is routed between the fabric and the guide rail without a gap. Once the awning is extended, the outrigger arms with their side guide rails ensure perfectly-fitting closure.

Further information about PMlight