Conservatory awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings WG
Conservatory awnings ERHARDT | ERHARDT terraces awings WG

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ERHARDT WG conservatory awnings: Product description

The elegant roof solution on rails – a great solution even for large or difficult areas

  • The ERHARDT WG is particularly elegant because of its sophisticated rail technology. The rails run under the fabric and are attached directly to the rafters (without spacers).
  • The awning fabric is extended and retracted quietly by means of slides.
  • This technology allows not only an overhang at the front (for optimal shading of the roof area), but also a free-floating overhang on the sides.
  • Angled glass surfaces can thus be provided with the optimal shade.
  • In its retracted position, the ERHARDT WG is barely visible with its rails fitted directly to the rafters.
  • You will receive lots of other useful tips from your specialist partner.

ERHARDT WG for special solutions

With the ERHARDT WG, no side guide rails are required, which means in particular that unusual areas such as hipped roofs can be shaded. Shading up to 120 cm beyond the width of the conservatory is also possible, which is particularly useful for shading the western side of a property. With indented guide rails, the ERHARDT WG seems almost to be floating and thus appears unobtrusive and light, even with large systems.

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ERHARDT WG accessories

When you are not at home, the area under the retracted awning heats up. If you want to use your terrace roof or conservatory at the end of the day , an accumulation of heat awaits you. With automatic sun and wind protection, this becomes a thing of the past! Your awning extends automatically when the sun shines and retracts when the wind blows. You therefore have the perfect conditions in which to enjoy your evening off. Other equipment options:   

  •  Wireless motor with remote control Tipp
  •  Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection Tipp  
  •  Rain sensor   
  •  Awning fabric with welding glue technology (standard with the WG)

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