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ERHARDT TM in a new design

The universal awning for your terrace roof and conservatory in a new design

You can relax in your favourite place in a comfortable, shaded atmosphere with the new TM terrace awning. The TM will convince you with its completely new design and its zip technology, which means that there is no longer a gap between the guide rail and the fabric itself. It is suitable as a small, compact awning, especially for terrace roofing and conservatories. The awning can be installed above or below the roof depending on the requirements thanks to its slender design.

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ERHARDT Wintergartenmarkise TM | ERHARDT Markisen
ERHARDT Wintergartenmarkise TM | ERHARDT Markisen

ERHARDT TM conservatory awnings: Product description

Individual protection for your terrace

The two elegant side guide rails are fitted using special spacers. These rails provide the facility for fitting the fabric either with the zip function or as standard with a gap. Coupling several units is also possible at different extensions. An extensive range of accessories such as lighting rails, radiant heaters and radio motors with special sensors for wind, rain and sun are available.

The ERHARDT TM18 provides individual protection for your terrace with its fresh design and the wide range of accessories.


All features of the ERHARDT TM: 

Application areas: 

• terrace roofing
• conservatories
• skylights
• skylight windows
• fanlights

Minimum width: 100x250 cm

Maximum size: (Breite x Ausfall)
Below-roof insulation: 600 x 450 cm
Above-roof installation: 500 x 450 cm

Fabric designs:

Tibelly Ambiente collection
Tibelly Classic collection

ERHARDT TM technology

ERHARDT TM optional accessories

  • Wireless remote-controlled motor
  • Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection
  • Rain sensor
  • TM under-roof fitting: light bar (with dimmer as an option)
  • TM under-roof fitting: infrared heaters (including remote dimmer)

Further information about accessories

Example of accessories

Recommended equipment for ERHARDT TM

With the ERHARDT TM, the light bar can be fitted to the wall, directly to the cassette or in any position on the guide rails in the projection area.

ERHARDT TM - awning fabrics

tibelly classic - Dessins erleben

Refine your ERHARDT TM with an awning fabric from the Tibelly Ambiente or Tibelly Classic collection.