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ERHARDT TM in a new design

The universal awning for your terrace roof and conservatory in a new design

You can relax in your favourite place in a comfortable, shaded atmosphere with the new TM terrace awning. The TM will convince you with its completely new design and its zip technology, which means that there is no longer a gap between the guide rail and the fabric itself. It is suitable as a small, compact awning, especially for terrace roofing and conservatories. The awning can be installed above or below the roof depending on the requirements thanks to its slender design.

ERHARDT Wintergartenmarkise TM | ERHARDT Markisen
ERHARDT Wintergartenmarkise TM | ERHARDT Markisen

Individual protection for your terrace

The new TM18 terrace awning lets you relax in your favourite place in a pleasant, shaded atmosphere. The TM18 is impressive with its completely new design and its Zip technology, which eliminates the light gap between the guide rail and the fabric. It is suitable as a small, compact awning especially for terrace roofs and conservatories. Depending on requirements, the slim awning design makes either on-roof or under-roof mounting possible.

The two elegant lateral guide rails are mounted using special spacers. These rails offer the option of supplying the fabric either with a Zip function or with the more conventional gap. Several units can be mounted next to each other, even if they have different projection lengths. An extensive range of ac­cessories, such as lighting rails, heating elements and wireless motors with special sensors for sun, rain and wind, are available for the new awning. With its fresh design and wide range of options, the ERHARDT TM18 gives you customisable protection from the sun for your terrace.


All features of the ERHARDT TM: 

Application areas: 

• terrace roofing
• conservatories
• skylights
• skylight windows
• fanlights

Minimum width: 100x250 cm

Maximum size: (Breite x Ausfall)
Below-roof insulation: 600 x 450 cm
Above-roof installation: 500 x 450 cm

Fabric designs:

Tibelly Ambiente collection
Tibelly Classic collection

TM 18 - Aufdach Markise
Awning TM 18 - Below-roof insulation
TM 18- Montage an der Wand
Awning TM 18 - Above-roof installation
TM 18 - Unterdach Markise
Awning TM 18 - Above-roof installation





conservatory awning TM18 - one product - many options


TM18 Design Markise

The new TM 18 terrace roof awning has been manufactured in a brand new, modern design. Clear, gentle contours produce a harmonious and visually pleasing overall look. The awning fi ts perfectly into the terrace roof, either as a covered under-glass awning or as the ideal protection from the sun as an on-roof awning.


TM18 Markise mit Zip

As standard, the new guide rail is always designed with the lateral zip function on the fabric, meaning that there is no longer a light gap between the fabric and lateral guide rail. The design of the rail is fl exible, so that the conventional Option with a fabric gap at the side can be supplied.


TM18 Markise GroesseThe use of state-of-the-art technology allows sizes of 600 x 450 cm for under- roof mounting and 500 x 450 cm for on-roof mounting. Even larger units can be created by combining several

Mounting bracket

TM18 Montagewinkel an der Wand

ERHARDT Markisenbau places great value on high-quality, easy assembly. Mounting brackets help meet these demands when installing the awning under an ERHARDT terrace roof and allow the awning to be assembled extremely quickly.

Flush drop profile

TM18 Ausfallstange

To complement the lateral zip function, the front drop profi le closes fl ush, giving the awning a harmonious overall look and practically eliminating the light gap between it and the terrace roof purlin.

Very easily accessible revision cover in the drop profile

TM18 Markise Ausfallprofil

Revisions and adjustments on the drop profi le can be made easily from the front and from below. It is no longer necessaryto extend the awning, as the Revision cover can be opened and closed again from the front with a minimum of fuss.

Almost invisible screws in the end cover area

TM18 Markise SeitendeckelThe end covers are secured with special, concealed brackets and almost invisible inner hexagonal screws, meaning that there are no large screw heads to disturb the elegant overall

Made in Germany

TM18 Markise Zertifizierung

ALL ERHARDT awnings are made in Burtenbach, Bavaria. All-round service and continuous production control guarantee high




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Erhardt TM Markise Prospekt

download prospekt brochure ERHARDT TM awning

ERHARDT TM optional accessories

  • Wireless remote-controlled motor
  • Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection
  • Rain sensor
  • TM under-roof fitting: light bar (with dimmer as an option)
  • TM under-roof fitting: infrared heaters (including remote dimmer)

Further information about accessories

Recommended equipment for ERHARDT TM

With the ERHARDT TM, the light bar can be fitted to the wall, directly to the cassette or in any position on the guide rails in the projection area.

tibelly classic - Dessins erleben

ERHARDT TM - awning fabrics

Refine your ERHARDT TM with an awning fabric from the Tibelly Ambiente or Tibelly Classic collection.