awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings Q
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings Q
awings ERHARDT | ERHARDT awings Q

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Example of double awning: Product description


Modern bauhaus design of the highest technical standard with integrated led lighting

  • With the cassette awning, the fabric and the mechanism are perfectly protected in the sealed housing.
  • This ensures perfect protection against the elements.  
  • The integrated gutter is another sophisticated detail.  
  • Despite the slim design with a height of only 15 cm, the ERHARDT SD is characterised by high strength and torsional stiffness.  
  • The ERHARDT SD is particularly robust and is therefore also suitable for larger areas.  
  • The timeless shapes of the cassette make it very light and elegant despite its enormous load-bearing capacity.  
  • A valance can be ordered as an option.  
  • Durable materials and high-quality craftsmanship are the basis for sophisticated functionality.  
  • Wide range of accessories: ask your ERHARDT specialist dealer, he will be able to give you some useful tips.

ERHARDT Q product images

ERHARDT Q Double awning

You can lower the double awning vertically by up to 1.70 m to increase the shaded area significantly. Just like the main awning, the double awning can be operated easily with the standard wireless remote control.  The vertical awning also provides very effective shade against the glare of the sun when it is low in the sky. The Soltis fabric designs allow you to see out but protect you from prying eyes outside.

Example of double awning

ERHARDT Q accessories

  • Wireless remote-controlled motor Tipp
  • Automatic wind protection / automatic sun protection
  • Wireless vibration sensor Tipp
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Infrared heaters (including remote dimmer)
  • Awning fabric with welding glue technology
  • Remote-controlled motor is standard for double awning Tipp

Recommended equipment for the Erhardt Q

We recommend integrated LED lighting. The even light is ideal for illuminating both large and small areas and can be operated conveniently by remote control. LED lighting is particularly low-energy and long-lasting. 

We recommend a design with remote control for maximum operating convenience. The vibration sensor, which closes the awning automatically in strong wind, provides added safety.