Acrylic collection ERHARDT | ERHARDT awning fabrics
 Acrylic collection ERHARDT | ERHARDT awning fabrics
 Acrylic collection ERHARDT | ERHARDT awning fabrics

Tibelly Classic Collection by Erhardt Markisen

Wide range of different colours and designs and robust fabric.

The Classic Collection is woven by proven acrylic fibres. The traditional designs combined with modernized classics and exquisite weaving and material effects are timeless beauties. The great choice of colours and designs and the robustness of the fabric make the collection very popular.

Classic Technical information:

128 Designs
Material: Acrylic fibres
Fabric width:120 cm
Colour fastness: rating 4-5
Weather fastness: rating 4-5
UV-protection Factor: UPF 50+

Acrylic collection: Red designs

TA U401

TA U390

TA D428

TA 8211

TA U411

TA U412

TA 8207

TA D329

TA 338658

TA 338622

TA D332

TA U413

TA 8887

TA 6173

Acrylic collection: Yellow designs

TA D427

TA U398

TA D397

TA D333

TA 338624

TA U414

TA 8553

TA U415

TA 320978

TA D303

TA 6316

TA 7560

TA 8612

TA 320991

TA D323

TA D107

TA D300

TA 7120

Acrylic collection: Green designs

TA 7557

TA 7244

TA 314396

TA U416

TA D322

TA 8600

TA 8614

TA 8579

TA D314

TA D104

TA D299

TA 338625

TA 338642

Acrylic collection: Blue designs

TA 7264

TA D429

TA 6022

TA 8577

TA U402

TA U400

TA D321

TA 8556

TA 7466

TA D337

TA 338641

TA 338626

TA 320926

TA D316

TA D331

TA 8901

Acrylic collection: Natural

TA 314814

TA U136

TA 6610

TA D127

TA D306

TA D305

TA D103

TA D301

TA U370

TA U335

TA D315

TA 8935

TA C030

TA 7132

TA 7972

TA 338627

TA 320923

TA 314471

Acrylic collection: Brown


TA 7559

TA D120

TA D100

TA D311

TA U235

TA U410

TA U337

TA 8779

TA 320990

TA 8921

TA U140

TA D326

TA D324

TA D307

Acrylic collection: Grey designs

TA 8931

TA 314028

TA 314030

TA 314910

TA 320993

TA 338643

TA 338655

TA D108

TA D113

TA D298

TA D304

TA D309

TA D312

TA D320

TA D328

TA U190

TA U389

TA U407

Acrylic collection: dark grey

TA 8724

TA 8757

TA 8883

TA 320937

TA 338621

TA D123

TA D125

TA D308

TA D319

TA D325

TA D392

TA U343

TA U406

TA D426

TA 6028

tibelly classic - Dessins erlebenExperience designs

With the Tibelly Classic Collection, a wonderful selection of attractive designs is now waiting for you. The varied décor in stripes allows you to appoint your living spaces uniquely and in harmony with outdoor areas. Use the designs in the Classic Collection to either create an aesthetic overall impression, an attractive eye-catcher outdoors or perhaps even set a bold accent. Give it a try.



tibelly classic - farbe bekennenShow your colours

Our polyacrylic collection includes 8 colour worlds with fascinating colour combinations within each design and mono-coloured fabrics as well. Get inspired and allow yourself to be enchanted by the colours. The various striped patterns create a wide range of different effects. Either classic, extravagant, modern, understated or simply mono – take advantage of the possibilities for individualized creative freedom.



Awning designs

The brand name awnings from ERHARDT offer a diversity of designs. For every location and for every taste, you are sure to find the perfect product. Lend your high-quality awning just the right appearance. An awning is much more than merely a provider of shade. The product will be your companion for years to come as part of your living-space landscape. It’s your dwelling’s calling card, visible from the outside, with which you can express yourself creatively. With the fabric of your choice, the awning becomes a personalized design element. Make use of the accessory products from ERHARDT, such as lighting, remote control, infrared heating and much more to raise the comfort and convenience level in your surroundings.


Important information:

The luminosity and brilliance under direct sunlight can’t be shown via offset printing due to technical reasons. Colour specifications are not binding and can be different from the original. Please have a look on our awning fabrics in backlight or better on the outside. Hold the fabric directly into the sunlight, only then you can see the actual effect of structure and colour. Those can massively differ from the lying fabric.