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Awning fabrics ERHARDT | ERHARDT yellow awing fabrics
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Example from the Tibelly acryl collection

ERHARDT Tibelly Classic collection

Attractive designs in acrylic fabric

With the Tibelly Classic Collection, a wonderful selection of attractive designs is now waiting for you. The varied décor in stripes allows you to appoint your living spaces uniquely and in harmony with outdoor areas. Use the designs in the Classic Collection to either create an aesthetic overall impression, an attractive eye-catcher outdoors or perhaps even set a bold accent. Our polyacrylic collection includes 8 colour worlds with fascinating colour combinations within each design and mono-coloured fabrics as well. Get inspired and allow yourself to be enchanted by the colours. The various striped patterns create a wide range of different effects. Either classic, extravagant, modern, understated or simply mono – take advantage of the possibilities for individualized creative freedom.

Example from the Tibelly Ambiente collection

ERHARDT Tibelly Ambiente collection

A modern fabric collection with bright and vibrant colours

A modern fabric collection with bright and vibrant colours Tibelly Ambiente is a modern fabric collection with an unbelievable choice of brilliant colours, creatively combined into fantastic designs. It is a exclusive collection consisting of 11 designs. 

The Tibelly Ambiente is the new polyester collection. The surface is very strong and easy to look after. The wide selection of colours in combination with the multitude of striped designs is impressive. The Tibelly Ambiente will win you over with enchanting, brilliant colours. The colours are light-fast and retain their brilliance even after years. Fantastic colour effects are created depending on the design and the height of the sun. Choose the new Tibelly Ambiente collection and enjoy your freetime under your awning.

Example from the SOLTIS collection

SOLTIS collection

Fabric keeps its shape, is transparent and offers perfect protection against the sun and heat

The Soltis 92 and Soltis 86 fabric collections have been designed using a special process developed by Serge Ferrari. Thanks to the special technology, Solti fabrics keep their shape extremely well, retain a smooth surface even in the long term and are tear-resistant. Despite the thin material, Soltis fabrics are distinguished by their very long service life.  

Soltis 92 and Soltis 86 differ in terms of the type of micropores and the choice of colours. Outstanding heat protection: the micropores in the fabric regulate the heating effect of the sun perfectly - the thermal efficiency is unrivalled. Fitted outside, Soltis can absorb or reflect between 92 and 97% of the heat. Optimal vision and light: Soltis fabrics are semi-transparent. They offer the perfect protection against dazzling sunlight, but allow an agreeable amount of light through without it becoming troublesome. The colours have been developed specially for applications in the area of facades. This makes it possible to achieve perfect colour harmonies between the awning, the façade colour and the Soltis fabric. Excellent resistance to weather and UV. Light, resilient, tear-resistant and 100% recyclable.

Example from the Tibelly Screen collection

Tibelly Screen collection

Extraordinary atmosphere, optimal sun protection and protection from curious glances

The Tibelly Screen collection consists of glass fibre filaments and polyester yarns coated with a layer of PVC. The light and open structure ensures visual contact with the outside and protects of curious glances from your neighbors. The Tibelly Screen Collection is ideal for all façade awnings for example, vertical awnings and Zip-installations. Single-colour fabric quality or with different colours for in- and outside we offer you a wide choice between different colours for this fabric quality – You can chosse out of 48 colour schemes.